Saturday, April 19, 2014

Babies, kits, tigers, Oh My!!

Good morning all and HAPPY EASTER!!!
I thank you for your kind wishes on our new baby girl!
We are so in love with her (and SO tired at the moment lol!) and we are happy to report, she seems to be out of the woods, we took her home and she is doing fine (we will check again when she is a month old!). I owe you our birth story (soon!) :) but for now here is a picture of our little Lainey Boo.
My friend said not to make her a kit, she is so beautiful, she will be too dolly like, lol :)

I want to thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for your support, love and kind patience this past two plus years. They have been the most difficult of my life, from abuse to the divorce, a new beginning and everything in between.
I realize everyone has problems and I am very sorry I have let a lot of people down. It was never my intention, but I thank you, I really do, for sticking by me, for waiting, for everything.
Please rest assured I have no intention of not delivering the kits or cheating anyone. I am finally a lot better from my C-section and moving about, so I am sorting everything out for everybody. Please bare (bear?!) with me for a few more days while everything is sorted and everyone gets the lovely twins home!!
Again I thank you for your kind, kind patience and support through these difficult last couple of years, I couldn't have done it without you... and here is to turning a new page from now on, in which I learn to ask for help, don't get so overwhelmed trying to do everything on my own and in the end, provide an excellent service!!!

May I wish you and yours a Very Happy Easter!!! Have a wonderful weekend and be safe!!



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