Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Meet Little Miss Wild Hair - Meggie

This is my newest little one... Meggie! She is 5 inches tall, ball jointed (obviously) and of course One of a Kind.

I even made her wig myself and I love that ruffled hair look. It reminds me of my 21 month old sons after they have been playing in the playground for an hour... all ruffled up :)

Click the links for more pics of Meggie... She will be on eBay next week!!

Tina's Kidz!

This idea came to me years ago but only now I am starting to get it rolling. I wanted to create a line of slightly stylized dolls, mainly toddlers, in fun, cute and realistic poses and outfits but with a fantasy flare to them.

I was looking for a "trademark" characteristic that would make them stand out.. wild hair maybe? Pointed ears? It was pretty hard to come up with something; there are just too many artists out there and making something "new" is hard... what would my trademark be?

It wasn't until I made my first one that it hit me... it was something that all my dolls had anyway since the beginning. It was something I had... something I passed down to my sons too.

When I sculpted Miyadorie, my first Ball Jointed toddler, I fell in love with her. I didn't know at the time that "Tinas Kidz" were being born.
The minute I finished Miyadorie, I wanted another go... and Meggie was born...
Not two hours after I finished Meggie, I started on Mei Li Hua who is now a head and torso and I hope to finish the limbs this week.
I am now hooked ...

You can see Miyadorie at the beginning of this post.
I haven't photographed Meggie yet but I will soon...
Stay tuned!


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