Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No more death...

My sister in law just called... my father in law has suffered something life threatening (I couldn't make out what it was as my mother in law was crying, I think she said thrombosis).
They are bringing him to the hospital from the mountains and time is running out.
Will you please pray for him?? His name is John.

As for me, I called our babysitter, I want the kids out of the house and we might also need to go to the hospital anyway so it seemed prudent to have someone on standby.
I wholeheartedly pray that he gets 100% better..because frankly, I can't stand any more death...tomorrow marks 13 months since my father died... I've had enough grief, my family has had enough grief, my kids have had enough grief losing a grandfather, to lose another one... so please God... don't. Just don't :(

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The one in which I didn't want to sculpt...

It's been a while since I posted so let me catch you up :)
We had a nice, quiet summer. I felt I had earned it because of what happened last summer. Dad up there really made it up to me :) Thanks Dad!!

There was one teensy bitsy problem though.. all through the summer I felt totally uninspired!!
I just couldn't sculpt... or rather, I would start something but didn't finish it. You will be amazed at the amount of OOAK heads I have in my studio at the moment!!
I didn't realize why until the boys started school last week... I was exhausted!! With no help, 3 full months of just me and the boys, without even an HOUR for some me time, I was reaching my limit.
Not only that but we are the stage where they bicker constantly... and talk back! OMGosh the talking back!!! I have often exclaimed (only half joking!), "I will strangle them!" lol. Which of  course I would never do ;) just saying...

So they have been in full days at school for a week now..and guess what?
I have already finished two OOAKs (one of them being the OOAK Gus who I restored, and Ellis is next). I got my mojo back!! Some sleeping in (yes I do admit, I sent them off to school and then catch an extra hour of sleep in the morning since I usually sculpt until 2-3am each night), some peace and QUIET around the apartment... voila! Instant transformation!! I am sculpting again!
Not only that, I am ready to tackle a couple of big projects that have been on my mind for a while now :)

I have many surprises for you, my dear collectors and reborners saved up for this winter :)
Can wait to show my OOAK of Gus, fully restored. I added a neck and made him new limbs, since they took quite a beating beyond saving during molding for the vinyl. Originally I thought I would save them and worked really hard on them for more than a month... should have just gone with new ones, would have taken me less time, ha!! Eventually I gave up on them and just made new!
The head (his and Ellis') is in pristine condition so he only took some repainting :)
I also did 3 new mini babies... and something I can't talk about yet as it's a surprise :)
I am looking forward to a very creative winter, during which I get my sculpting mojo back, clear out my studio and get ready for new, exciting and big projects!!!

Stay tuned!!! Happy Winter everyone!!

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