Friday, November 20, 2009

Help me help a child in need...

As Christmas approaches, we all think about those in need... Every year my boys and me, sort out their toys and give a good portion of (unbroken!!) toys to the church or leave them outside doors we know poor kids in our neighborhood live in.

Every other year I donate an OOAK to be raffled off at my dad's school and the money goes to the Make a Wish Foundation or The Child's Smile, here in Greece.

This year I really want to help ONE child in particular... ok, well, TWO ..
I want to sponsor a child in an underdeveloped country and I want to help a little boy in Taiwan to be united with his forever family in the USA.
It doesn't matter I am in Greece and they are not. Good deeds know no boundaries, color, race or religion (although both of these children are being raised Christians but that's a coincidence, I would still do it for a Muslim or a Jew or an atheist, it doesn't matter!)

I know money is tight for everyone right now so I will be auctioning off one mini baby every one or two weeks so I can raise the money so I can sponsor one child for a whole year... Then I would like to donate to Jeremiah's Promise to help this Christian American family bring their little boy home from Taiwan.
You can read about Jeremiah and this incredible family here.

If you want and can donate to Jeremiah, every penny helps... or you can bid in one of my auctions and get an adorable Kewy baby and know your money is going towards a good cause.
As soon as I have the money and have chosen my sponsored child, I will of course post pictures and updates as I get them.

On all other fronts, we are all on the road to healing except George who got really sick the moment he got home from Berlin!
The rest of us are doing well. I am quite drained, so much so, that this morning I didn't even hear TWO alarm clocks go off and thus missed getting the boys to school! I guess I needed the extra sleep... a week of sleeplessness will do that to you I suppose :)

I am off to run errands, ship dolls, clean house and cook, while dragging the boys along for the ride. Oh joy!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rough Night

We've had a rough night... John had a fever all night and Cody kinda felt warm but when I put the thermometer in, he didn't have a fever.
Thankfully we had NO MORE vomiting... good thing because I run out of blankets and pillows!! Which reminds me, I will go do my laundry now.

They are very bummed about their birthday parties :( such a shame I agree ... But maybe we can still do the Saturday one but without extra guests, just family and we can do the school one next week.
I will give them their presents and we will still make a came and decorate :) Then when they are better, I will invite their friends over again at a later date :)

This morning John does not have a fever or cough, he feels better and he drank some Pediasure. Cody has a nasty diarrhea! Yup, we caught something good alright! :(

Please keep us in yours prayers!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I spoke too soon...

John just spiked a fever out of the blue of 104!!!
He has already thrown up several times. He was FINE all day. I put them to bed normally and within 2 hrs he was shaking like a leaf. He threw up the Tylenol and everything else :(
I called the ped and apparently the on-call Children's hospital is FLOODED at the moment, the line of cars is a mile long.It's on the news and they are telling people to keep their kids HOME and try to bring the fevers down with drugs...

If he is not better in the morning I will take him in since he's been exposed to swine flu (mine for starters!!). Although he did become sick about 10 days ago, it was super mild and since I was confirmed I thought he had it and just breezed through it... now I am wondering if he DIDN'T get it at the time and THIS is actually swine flu... YIKES.
John is immuno-compromised!!

PLEASE say a prayer: That John flies through this thing and that CODY DOES NOT GET IT!!!!!
It's a difficult time because my husband is in Berlin and my mother in law is in the hospital with her father (G's 100 year old grandfather) who is struggling to stay alive so I have absolutely NO support system, not one person, if this turns ugly...
So please PRAY, please!!! My poor baby, I have NEVER seen him so bad, never :(

Back with guns ablazing!!

It's been a hectic last few days but let me catch you up:
I am feeling better except this morning some of my symptoms returned (a new virus maybe?!) but I am doing ok, holding my own, nothing serious :)

The boys are doing good, except John had a mysterious cough this morning. We were told to start patching his eye for 4 months, 6 hrs a day on Monday. I feel defeated tired. I know, I know, things could have been SO much more worse.. he could have DIED or be a vegetable and a million other things. Please don't shake your head thinking I am ungrateful. Believe me, I am not stupid, I KNOW what a good thing I have and EVERYDAY I thank God for my sons, special needs included!!:)
It's just that for ONCE I would like to go to a doctor and find my son NORMAL... DEVELOPING.. not need EXTRA intervention. I've been on this for FOUR years. More than four if you count the pregnancy and the bad turn it took...
Four years of worrying, four years of running around, waiting in doctor's waiting rooms, explaining to your child why he is different, holding him down for tests, doing special therapy, hospital stays, more tests, discouraging news, staying up at nights wondering, feeling sick to your stomach, trying to balance your checkbook because all of the above cost money, trying to save your marriage which took a heavy hit, trying to balance your other little boy so he won't feel left out, dealing with the comments from the people and family, not receiving ANY support... I've been locked inside these four walls for more than 4 years, day in day out... I've got ONE friend locally. O N E... all my other friends are online...
I haven't slept a full night in four years if you exclude the time I spent doing shows. Sigh.. you see, I am TIRED... that's all. I don't know why Monday's doctor's visit hit me so hard but it did... I want to throw in the towel and quit... but then I look at his face and I can't..
"If you want the Rainbow you must put up with the rain"... in our case the Rainbow would be John graduating, falling in love, marrying, having kids, leading a normal life, a regular Joe if you'd like... but this... this right now, is my rain... and I am drenched and I feel like there is no raincoat big enough for all my sorrow... except John himself. He is so much stronger than I am and I thank God daily for the priviledge of making me their mother...

Ahem... sob story over... doll time :)
So I've been working again for the last two days and I am hopeful people will start receiving photos tonight...
So stay tuned...

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