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Hurry, hurry, hurry!!! Awesome deal!


Ends December 31st 2013

** Jamie Pre-order button now fixed!!**
Super Offer! Pre-order either Jamie or David now, and get, a low price on a 21" kit, PLUS bonus body plate PLUS free body (all German quality!) for only 60 Euros!!! (plus shipping of 15 Euros for Europe or 21 Euros for rest of the world, tracked)
I have 35 dolls left from my first shipment of David and Jamie, expected just after the Holidays.
Place your order by the 31st December and receive a doll from my first shipment due in January plus, bonus full front body plate, plus free cloth body!!
All my kits are made in Germany in the finest vinyl. Bodies are also made in Germany in high quality!!
(if you have pre-ordered previously, you too are getting the free body, no worries ;))
I still have dolls left in the edition but if you want to get the extra free goodies, you must place a pre-order of 25 Euros by the 31st December and you will be receiving a doll from my first shipment, due in January. You can't beat this deal! 21" doll with full arms and 3/4 legs, body plate and cloth body, 60 Euros plus shipping!!!
(I WILL combine shipping on multiple orders but shipping quoted is for a SINGLE doll)
Click to pre-order Jamie (awake baby)
25 Euro pre-order
(40 Euros plus actual shipping to be invoiced prior to shipping)

Click here to pre-order David (sleeping baby)
25 Euro pre-order
(40 Euros plus actual shipping to be invoiced prior to shipping) 

More photos of the twins below! Super detailed, with sculpted longer, newborn nails, non sexed body plate, about 21" long, chunky, robust babies!!

The secret is out :)

I got many well wishes but also some were asking if I am sculpting a new baby... well, kinda... in my belly this time!

We were totally shocked to find out that my partner and I were expecting this past summer. I've known this man for years, he was my best friend and it kinda happened after my divorce. Never in a million years did I think I would get pregnant again especially after I went through infertility with the boys. (or that I would love a man again!)
Needless to say, I was NOT expecting it and I don't think my very first emotion was pure joy either ;)
Rather the "jaw hit the floor" emotion happened!!

She is of course VERY welcome and loved already by both families and the boys are super excited to be getting a sister. Me on the other hand, wonder if I remember anything about babies after 8 years, lol :)
It has been a very different pregnancy. In the beginning they told us we were losing the baby, then we got a second opinion and we weren't, then it felt like it was all happening so fast and my faith faltered a bit... now I know that yes it is not easy but it is as it should be!

I have (had?) Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Those of you who had it, RESPECT!!! Until 17 weeks I totally thought I would die!! I could barely function... BARELY!! I am a lot better today, I still get bad days but thankfully it is not the 24/7 it was!! (on the plus side I have not gained any weight!)

And yes, the baby is a GIRL :) :) and yes that is her actual ultrasound picture. I think her profile totally looks like my dolls :) but on the 3D image I think she looks like her dad :) Thankfully she is not showing any of the signs John did at this gestational age, because that was always a worry of mine since we found out..

Unexpected, yup, that's my life... but so, so awesome!! I can't believe I was chosen to be a mom once again, I can never express how grateful I am for another chance...and after infertility for it to happen naturally... well, I've heard the stories, I just never believed them!!

Stay tuned for some new OOAKs I have been (slowly) working on, at amazing prices you won't believe!! I will be putting them up for sale tomorrow!!

Also, my new kits are just about done and will start shipping after the Holidays :) :) I am so excited! And as a thank you for your patience, since they were supposed to be out at the end of October, you are all getting a free body with your order!! :)


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I have been keeping a little secret....

EDD End of April 2014
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, we hope you have an AMAZING time with your family and that 2014 brings you all you've ever dreamed of but most importantly, GOOD HEALTH!!!
Stay tuned, I have loads of things for you to celebrate our news with us this week!!!
Hugs to all,

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