Thursday, May 30, 2013

Freya sale ends tomorrow

Freya sale ends tomorrow and I have only a few left. Don't miss out!  You don't find award winning kits for that low a price! !

Friday, May 24, 2013

Freya Super Deal

Check this out! For 7 days and 7 days only, 100 kits, 50 Euros SHIPPED... can't beat that price!! Don't miss out!! :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

New David and Jamie Pics

I was finally able to download my photos of the twins, so enjoy!!!
The special edition I am doing is almost sold out, if you have no reserved your kit already, do it soon!
For only 60 Euros (plus shipping) you get a *hand signed* kit, a bonus belly plate, low certificate number 1 to 100 and a special surprise!!
All my kits are done in the best German factory *not* China, in a wonderful neutral beige vinyl color and they conform to all EU instructions while they are phalate free!!
(Note that in earlier pictures Jamie appears with both hands in fists, you can chose whether you want both hands as fists or one open as shown here)


Reserve yours today by clicking this link:

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

David and Jamie Pre-order ** EARLY BIRD SPECIAL SALE!! **

Finally I was able to get David and Jamie's page up for pre-order.
I will offer 100 David kits and 100 Jamie kits for 60 Euros only, PLUS a bonus body plate. Shipping is about 15 Euros per kit in Europe and 21 Euros for the rest of the world. This includes a tracking number.

I am expecting the kits in early Fall this year. I know there have been delays in the past but I have worked very hard to make sure these do not happen again.
I am only asking for a deposit of 25 Euros with the balance of 35 Euros (plus the shipping ) due when I receive the kits. I think for such big babies (the same size as Gus and Ellis), and done in my usual German vinyl quality, this is a great price. It is my thank you to you for your past patience and continued support :)

Also those of you who order these 100, you get the low certificate numbers of 1 to 100 AND each head will be signed by me!! Also, a small surprise item for you will be included ;)

You can find the pre-order page here:

I can't wait to share pics of the prototypes really soon with you!!


How falling on your butt will land you in the ER :)

Sunday was Easter for us, and I took the boys to my mom's where we had the traditional roasted lamd on a spit. George was suffering from a stomach bug which John had the previous day and Cody the day before that, so he didn't come.

I was playing with Cody and I tripped on a tree root, and landed on my butt. My left hip hurt a lot and I had difficulty driving home as every time I stepped on the clutch, my hip felt as if it was on fire, but ok, I thought nothing of it.

Monday morning my hip felt better but I was hugging the toilet bowl half the day as, you guessed it, I had contracted the stomach bug. After the 3rd or 4th time vomiting, my hands went tingly, then numb, from the wrist down. I FREAKED out!! All of you reading are artists who work with their hands, so you know what I mean, right?
I ended up in the ER... and now I am in a collar. No lifting, no bending over and I need to rest.

I always hate how doctors tell you to "rest". I am a mom of two, I work full time, I have pets people! I can't "rest"... and I HATE the collar :(

Today my hands are totally fine, I still hate the collar and my stomach feels like it could hold some food down, so as I am writing this I am eating some bread. In all honesty, my neck DOES feel better with the collar on. I need to go back on Thursday. I will need an MRI as my neck is a bit messed up. No wonder; I cracked a vertebrae when I was 15 in P.E. and it was only gotten worse from there lol.
I might need some physical therapy but I will eventually be fine :)

Hope you all had a great weekend lol :)

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