Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The good, the bad and the ugly?

I have been a little quiet(er) lately, as I have on my plate right now. Some I can share with you, some will have to wait until I am ready to share with you ;)

The good: The boys are out of school for two weeks for Easter. The bad: They are mommy addicts and I can't get a moment's peace ;)

The bad: I have been sick since I visited my sister 10 days ago. Her little boy was hospitalized. Both my boys didn't get it. I still have a very raspy voice that just goes at times. Ask Michelle, I called her yesterday and I sounded like Frankenstein!! At night I sound like I have TB ;) Not fun!! I rubbed myself with Vix Vapor last night in an attempt to, you know, breathe and stop coughing up a lung, and woke up in the morning with it plastered in my hair! MY HAIR PEOPLE!! At least I did breathe ;) you know, since I am alive this morning to write thi!

The other bad: I have had a horrendous tooth ache since Sunday. I was chewing on pizza and I hear a "crack" and the pain started. I can't see anything other that a tiny tiny hole (?) on it! Thankfully the dentist can see me tonight! Phew!

The good: I have some super news for you. David and Jamie, my new twins are going onto to pre-order this week.
And I have a treat for you! I will put out 100 of each and only 100, as an "Early Bird Special" for only 60 Euros (plus shipping). The kits include, head, arms, legs AND full tummy plate. Done in the German vinyl you have come to love from me.
They are BIG babies, just as big as Gus and Ellis were, with full arms and 3/4 legs.
Each of these 200 kits will be signed at the back of the neck by me. You will also receive certificates 1 to 101 (per kit) so the low edition numbers are yours. And there will be a little something special included with each that I will keep to myself for now :)
Only 25 Euros is required as deposit. They are already in production and I am expecting them at the end of summer, probably around September. I do not want to have people wait and wait this time so I have extended the deadline to make sure and to thank you for your patience in the past, I am offering these 200 for a great price (regular price 85 Euros plus shipping).

So for 60 Euros you get 5 pieces, signed, low edition numbers and a little surprise ;)
Shipping will be about 14 Euros for Europe and 21 for the USA and this include tracking. I will combine shipping of course if you buy more than one.

Once I have the pre-order page up, I will of course, let you know. Yes you have waited for an awake baby from me for a while and what a treat this big chunky newborn is!! I can't wait to see what you do with it.
I have also decided to give prototypes to other reborners as well as my wonderful friend Katerina, because I want to see at least one biracial baby (and other variations). I haven't selected others yet but I will soon :)

Oh! There is no ugly I guess. Unless you count the mess the dog made while chewing on a dog bone. At least now she is passed out on the floor ;) Mission accomplished, got the Velcro dog un-stuck from my thigh and quiet for a bit. I guess chewing is very hard work :)


Monday, April 29, 2013

Grace and Pippin Kits

Hello world,

It has come to my attention that there is a rumor going around that I did not sculpt the kit "Pippin" produced by Ruth Annette Herrington and the belly plate for the kit "Grace" produced by Tanya McDowell.

I DID in fact sculpt Pippin and the whole of Grace including her belly plate and then sold the rights to have them reproduced to Ruth and Tanya respectively. None of these kits is "fake" in any sense.

I was quoted as saying that I didn't produce Pippin. I did say that, but please note I said "PRODUCE" meaning I didn't make her into vinyl myself NOT that  I didn't sculpt her!!!!
Please re-port this to the forums that people have posted by taken-out-of-context-comment :)
Thank you!!

PS. You can rest assured if something like this HAD really happened, I would have been the first to tell you lol ;) BUT IT DIDN'T!!! :P

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why OOAKs should not be repainted (in my humble opinion)

I was never upset whenever I saw one of my OOAKs being repainted by the very talented artists out there. I greatly admire my friend Kris who often repaints OOAKs and silicones and does an amazing job!

However in the last month I have been faced with a problem... twice!
I got a couple of older pieces back for repairs. I am always happy to repair something for someone, however both of the pieces have been repainted and sealed (I don't know by who btw and as I said, I don't mind it one bit). Now, I can repair the pieces but I will need to strip the paint :( And they will no longer match the rest of the doll(s) that sit back home with their moms.

Of course I have notified both girls but still... I feel bad because I like the painting but I must repair them :(
I thought it would be an interesting thought to share with my collectors, when they decide to have their OOAK repainted in the future, remember, if anything should happen to it, can the sculpting artist match the new paint job?

As for the two girls that trusted me their precious little ones, you know I will do my absolute best for you!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

To all my doll maker and reborn artist friends...

Don't tell me this doesn't seem familiar to you, when you are trying to create a doll!
He gets us? Right? RIGHT??? lol :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

OOAK for sale

Very rare, bi-racial baby, full limbs, cloth body, about 8" tall. Painted black hair, comes with outfit shown and pacifier. $225 shipped Or Best Offer. VERY rare OOAK :)

His color is actually more brown than red, you will be very pleased with him in real life!!


Sunday, April 07, 2013


This picture (yes I know it is blurry) and my memory were my inspiration for Jamie...

Cody is 12 hours old in this picture.

Now and then...

7 months old

7 years old
Some things, don't change!

You too...

Yes, Jamie, you are the cutest too!!

And you perfectly compliment your identical twin brother in the previous post...


I wonder if you could have been any cuter...

Or more real and newborn...

And then I promptly decide that, no, not really.
You are perfectly just born and gorgeous as you are.

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