Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vinyls facts :)

Hello everyone!
My Gus and Ellis kits have been delivered...well, HALF of  them but it's ok because by the time I have shipped these, the other half will have arrived lol :)
I can't open the door to my apartment... will be VERY happy to see the boxes empty and the kits shipped off to their mommies :)

I just wanted to take a minute and talk vinyl with you... Someone told me that someone has been going around saying the vinyl for Gus and Ellis is rock hard...
This is NOT true... Please check my Facebook page where I have uploaded videos of me "squeeshing" the parts. The vinyl is no different than my other kits!!

I also wanted to take a moment and say that I know you girls like the "soft" vinyl... like, SUPER soft... but let me explain why I will never go for the super soft kind... Vinyl softeness depends on how much vinyl you use, how thick it is... A softer vinyl will be lighter, so probably, also cheaper as it goes by weight.
Also it will be more transparent (please trust me on this, my first sample for Jack was very soft, couldn't keep it's shape and when I stuffed it, I could see the white stuffing inside!!!). And it will get too soft in the oven... touch it the wrong way and you've messed up the shape. I know, I've left a nice dent into it!!! With my finger!! Couldn't get it off...
And... there is a greater chance it will melt in the oven too...

I have tried very hard to come to a balance between the vinyl thickness being a quality thing and it still be soft. It costs me WAY more, yes...but all I want to do is give you a good quality product.
The vinyl I use is NOT rock hard... it is not sponge soft either. It is a nice soft vinyl, that will keep it's shape, take the paint well, is non toxic and phalate free...and made in Germany :) in the best factory!!

Please if you have any questions, don't hesitate to mail me. I will be happy to help!!
Also don't forget to show me pics of your reborn Gus and Ellis!!

Friday, June 01, 2012

What is it that you REALLY want?

Is there a material thing that is missing from your life? That, because you do not have it, your life is harder/more complicated? Is there something that if you had it, you would be so much happier (because your life would be easier/less complicated)?

For me this "material thing" is a house... a proper one.. I would settle for a bigger apartment even.
We live in a tiny two bedroom one. I guess when we bought it ten years ago, it seemed huge...and it DOES fit a childless couple REALLY well... but with two kids... NO WAY.

We are crammed to the bursting point. The apartment has no storage area... it only has two small (and I do mean SMALL) closets. My boys have been in a bunk since they were 3 because we couldn't fit two beds in their room. This year when we bought them two tiny IKEA plastic tables to use as desks, they were left with a tiny square of space in the middle of the room to play with. Not really enough room to even lay out their toys :(

My bathroom barely fits one person standing in it. When I sit on the...emh... toilet, my thigh touches the washing machine (in Greece each house has one, there are no laundry mats and shared washers in buildings).

Often hubby will say "put that away" and I will answer "WHERE?" there is no SPACE... and I de-clutter least x4 a year.
We have no place to store a christmas tree. I haven't saved ANY of the boys' old toys or clothes or baby items save for a handful because I have nowhere to put them.

And in case one wants to be alone? Ha! We have two couches worth of space in our living room to sit in. That's it.
I would love to say my tiny apartment is filled with love... well it IS.. but it is also NOT suited for us. It makes me miserable. :( We can't breathe in here :( and I don't know what we will do if we ever have a 3rd child or when the boys get bigger! (yikes!!!).

The problem is hubby is super resistant to change. Pick up and go is not an option for him. He does NOT WANT TO MOVE... but then again he spends VERY little time in the apartment as he works two jobs and is gone most of the day.

I see all those beautiful houses in the US and UK and Australia via my friends' blogs and my heart sings for a bigger place... a small backyard... I wish.. I wish...

So what is the one material thing that would make your life better/easier/happier???

Discover Dolls International Doll Show

Here is my list of babies for sale at the Discover Dolls International Doll Show next week, June 9th and 10th @ Peterborough, UK

2 Resin Early Birds (new sculpt, amazing preemie) @ 550 GBP each (regular price 750 GBP)
6 Resin Natalies (5" baby) special edition @ 90 GBP each (regular price 280 GBP)
1 Life size newborn OOAK boy @ 900 GBP (regular price 1170 GBP)
My prototype of JACK (sold out edition) @ 450 GBP
My prototype of ELLIS (sold out edition) @ 550 GBP

I will be able to take CREDIT CARDS via PayPal as I will have my netbook with me and an internet connection. Just log in to your PayPal to pay on the spot :)
All babies will come with loads of goodies, COAs and in a beautiful presentation box.
I apologize but I can't do layaway at this time as I have nowhere to leave the babies and can't carry them back with me on the plane (I shipped them there directly!).

See you there!!! :)


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