Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Twin OOAK baby girls in super low price plus accessories!! SOLD

Hello everyone!
I have an awesome little duo for you today!

These two little newborn twins are about 5" long, 5 way jointed (head, arms and legs), anatomically correct little girls. I am selling both together. They are brand new sculpts and just perfect, their low price does not represent their quality!!

They come with a little cream bassinet, blanket, two sculpted pacis which can be attached gently on their mouths with a little putty, fluffy diapers, headbands AND each gets an extra outfit (a little dress for one and a little set with t-shirt, pants and hat for the other). They will come in a lovely hot pink gift box.
I am asking 315 Euros for BOTH PLUS all the accessories, including shipping.
It's a great opportunity to add to your OOAK collection without breaking the bank! :) :)
The pictures do not do them justice! They have SO MUCH detail, just like my big babies down to tiny finger and toe nails!!



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