Thursday, August 27, 2009

Away for a week

Hi everybody,
We are going away for a week tomorrow so please do not worry if you do not hear from me.
I am staying up late tonight tying up lose ends, I have shipped my paid dolls now but didn't manage to finish my resins due to John's eye accident...

Note to self: I HATE the children's ER btw but more on that when I get back.
So please bare with me for a few more days, most of the dolls only need a couple things done so as soon as I get back (Thursday) I will finish and ship them, so please, your indulgence for only a few more days if you will, I REALLY need those few days off, I haven't taken a single day off all year ;)

Hugs to all and I will be sure to take loads of photos!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Because that's JUST what I needed..

They say God laughs when you make plans... I will amend that and say KIDS laugh when you make plans!!
I had a VERY heavy schedule set for today. I needed to ship dolls, take photos, pay bills (by going to the bank), go to the supermarket, make an appointment to get the boys haircuts etc.
So last night I went to bed early (midnight!) hoping I would get a solid 8 hrs this time.
Well, the boys got me up 20 (!!) times between them!! At around 5am, I got out of bed to get some milk for Cody and realized I had a killer migraine... two codeine pills later, it's now 12 hrs later and I STILL have a killer migraine.
Then George started screaming in the middle of the night and for 20 minutes I was applying counter pressure to his foot because he got a killer cramp (2nd time in a week - he is going to see specialist, something is off because his lower leg is extra swollen).

The boys (who had a miserable night) got up extra early today too, so any chance of me catching an hour of sleep vanished.
They were extra feisty today too... I managed to get them dressed and in the car by 12.30pm and to the supermarket we went. On our way downstairs to the building's garage, Cody accidentally poked John's eye out...
Two hours later and John was still crying and screaming so off to the ER we went...
Apparently John (now known as Captain John) has a scratched retina!
We have to go back tomorrow to undo the bandages and have another look... and we are supposed to go on a vacation on Thursday!!
Right now the chances look slim for that and other reasons (family related) :(
Of course we will lose all monies paid etc etc.

Sigh... and I STILL have the killer migraine!!
I will share a picture of Captain John (the pirate, didn't you get it?!) later.
I am off to stop him from taking the bandages off!! And convince him to open his OTHER eye so he stops bumping into the walls!!
Your well wishes are appreciated at this point!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Very short vacation

On the 15th August, the Greek Orthodox Church (and 98% of the Greek population!) celebrate one of the biggest religious happenings ... typically, August is a slow month for Greece as most are on vacation. But just before and just after the 15th, Greece is paralyzed since nothing works, the courts are closed, you struggle to find an open pharmacy etc etc.

Right now I can't even buy shipping boxes!! Everyone is on vacation!
After the 15th, typically, Athens starts to return to normal as people return from their holidays...

I haven't taken a day off in a year, between mothering, taking care of a special needs child, sculpting/working and house keeping, I am breathless and frayed at the edges.
So I am taking the boys up to the mountains to the "village" for 4-5 days tomorrow... I hope I make it for so long. My kids are city kids and the village is waaaaaaay up on the mountains with very few modern delights.. I will be lucky if I have cell reception.
I have shipped most of my orders, I do have a couple I haven't so please forgive me and bear with me, I will ship next Wednesday when I will be back.
I won't have internet access so please do not fret if you can't reach me :)
I DO need these few days to clear my head, I promise you I will be back better than ever!
And I am taking my sculpting with me of course... are you excited to see what baby will be born in the country???


New Baby Available

This little guy wants to leave my nest... No reserve!!!
Click here to see little Thomas!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New on eBay

I haven't listed anything in forever on eBay so I figured it was time... this little one has been part of my private collection for a few months but it's time she finds a new loving home...
This is the link to her auction!

Wish her luck!!!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

My best OOAK EVER....

... well one of the TWO anyway... Without a doubt my most inspired work...
(half) the love of my life... my son...

JohnJohn was sleeping so he missed the photoshoot ;) but he will make up for it another day!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

If you haven't seen me sculpting much...'s because I've lost two of my key tools :(
Yesterday I could go on no more without my trusty favorites, I ordered them again through eBay... and I will make sure I keep tabs on my tools more closely in the future.

I have a few babies in the works at the moment but I have been too tired (the absence of the nanny is FELT... darn the crisis!!) and too scattered to finish anything. I feel terrible, guilty and down and can't enjoy anything because my mind is constantly on my work.
So I've decided to sit down, just finish everything and then take a couple weeks off... I think a short vacation (somewhere I don't have to pay like G's grandparents house in the mountain) will do me and the boys wonders...
For now I leave you with a baby I started sculpting back in May and had been a head for.ever!!! Talk about a slowpoke!
This is Ethan (mini baby, not available).

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