Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Early Bird in resin

It's been a while since I've shown you any new work, with the kits coming in, the other kits in production, the silicones, the book, the kids, summer.... ugh. Overwhelmed doesn't begin to cover it... oh! Did I mention the impromptu apartment rennovation we are having?
The one where I leave on vacation for a week and I come and my cleaning lady decided she wanted to re-do my entire apartment... and I walk in and there are boxes everywhere, and my tools are gone (still missing!!) and it took me 3 hrs (!!) to locate my box of certificates and you still walk in and think we are moving out... ugh!!!!
I could just strangle her... but she's been with us for years and years and I know she meant well... except I am PISSED OFF!!!

Ok...calming breaths, calming breaths... where was I?
Oh yes!! Early Bird.
At least this little guy puts a smile on my face. I am SOOOOO in love with him...and he is a tiny edition of 15 plus 3 APs...and I've already sold 3... and I have one right here I mean to paint these days.

Here is my little realistic preemie cutie.

This little guy would be a fantastic model for a NICU as he is to a "T" a preemie of 31 weeks. I had originally planned to make him a full body plate, but eventually decided against it to keep his price lower. But if you would like one for NICU display, I can match the resin to my clay and make you a clay body plate for him.

Contact me if you might be interested in one. There is no waiting, I have one right here and 4 in the mail to me :)
Until next time

Friday, July 06, 2012

Kidney woes

I am now convinced there is NO worse pain in the entire world but kidney pain. OH.MY.LORD... giving birth has nothing on this kind of pain.

It seems both G and I caught someting while in the Netherlands...and because I do have kidney problems since birth, it hit straight there :(
And the darn antibiotics sensitivity panel TAKES FOREVER!!!! I have been home since Tuesday morning and I will get the results TODAY :(
Thankfully the rest of the tests were ok so even though IT HURTS LIKE... well you know like what, my kidneys are not affected yet ...

I apologize if I seem a little MIA but I spent the last 3 days trying to get comfortable anywhere...with no luck :( it hurts, plain and simple... yuck!

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