Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter to my friends who celebrate it today! (Ours in on the 5th May!!)
And yes I do intend to tease/torture you, so please don't even ask ;) :)


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Errr.... I didn't mean it!

Totally accidentally... I... eeeerrrrrm... sat on it! :(

Friday, March 22, 2013

Presenting Rory!

Meet Rory! 5 inches of pure cuteness!! (not available)


Monday, March 18, 2013

Living Doll "Baby" review

Polyform recently came up with a new shade in their Living Doll series called "Baby".
Since I only got one bar, I decided to sculpt a miniature 5 inch baby to test it.

First of all the color is a little more white whereas the Beige appears more pink next to it.

Doing a miniature with it was probably not the smartest idea as it is super soft and I mean bubblegum soft. I have generally cold hands so I can work with soft clay, but Baby Living Doll gave even me a run for my money. I had to sculpt the baby in stages in fear of ruining what I had already sculpted. So, I did the face, let that cool, then I did the back of the head, then I did one ear, then baked the whole thing, and then and only then did I do the other ear and the neck.

I was able to get the body done in one go but only after my 3rd try. I did one leg without the joint, then added the joint after the leg was baked. I got frustrated often enough with the clay because of the softness. Also because of the lighter color, I found it difficult to keep it clean. Ok, the fact that I was wearing black velvet pants did not help :p

Once baked, Baby Living Doll does not have the same transluscency as Beige, but that is personal preferrence. I can't say I hate the color, because I don't. It took color well so I can't complain.
All in all it was difficult to work with and this means a lot coming from me, since I have been using Living Doll since 1999. Will I be buying another bar? Not any time soon, but in a pinch it will do I guess.

** The views expressed in this post are mine and mine alone, I have no been compensated in any way by Polyform or anyone else to post this review **

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