Sunday, July 25, 2010

Closed due to vacation ;)

Hello everyone!!
I've had a crazy week!!
The boys' school tried to charge us an extra month of tuition, Cody fell and bruised his tailbone which earned a day wasted in the ER, I had a full blown panic attack complete with non-stop screaming and crying until I couldn't breath (freaked the boys out!) :(
Yeah, fun stuff huh?

I am happy to report we are all on the mend, I've caught up with work (YAY!) and shipped pretty much every order out and now... now I can take a whole week to rest!

We are leaving in a few hours for a week... We will be back August 2nd, rested (hopefully, you never do knwo with two small kids!) and ready for sculpting! (well, I will be ready for sculpting, the rest of the family don't sculpt... except John...but that's another story).

Have a wonderful summer everyone!!
Dolly hugs!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Exhibit A

Have you ever used the excuse "the dog ate my homework"?
I think I will use it now, thankyouverymuch, but in my case it will be "the CAT ate it"... my work and my tools that is...
Exhibit A
Merlin the cat, 4 months, former stray. Rescued him from the jaws of a dog 450 times his size. Looks innocent doesn't he?
"Who me?" (purrrrrrrrrr)

Exhibit B
This was a sculpted and baked arm...
(note the tiny little teeth marks)

Exhibit C

My Sponge tool....

He also loves to eat papers... especially if it is an IMPORTANT piece of paper like, oh, a receipt of shipping or something!!

Having Merlin is like having a 2nd child after your first child (who is now much older) who happened to be an ANGEL (Beau). Merlin is a little devil!! Beau was (and is) such an angel pet. NEVER in any trouble, not a peep while growing up, calm cool and composed... and then Merlin happens to you... and KABOOM!!! There goes your life as you knew it!!

Thank God he is cute... and purrs... and thinks I am his mommy... and follows me around and sleeps in my arms... otherwise he would be in SOOOOO much trouble... MERLIN!! PUT DOWN THAT CLAY BALL!!!!!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Weekend update

Hi everyone!
Ok so let's see. I got a new HDD and hubby put on Windows 7 for me (yuck!) so my PC is now running.
 However I have yet to set up my e-mail program (Outlook) because all my settings, passwords and everything else, was ... you guessed it, in my other PC.

I've lost HDDs before but it was never the *primary* one... you know, the one that has everything in it!!!
Girls, I don't have ANYONE'S e-mail address at this point but I am hoping to get hubby to set up my e-mail (Outlook) today. If you've mailed me, I will get right back to you. If you've mailed me before Thursday and hadn't heard back, please mail me again, all these e-mails are now lost :(

On other news, the baptism went well. I was up cooking until 00:30am on Saturday. Only slept 4 hrs and then went off to set up the beach for the beach party afterwards. I did good photographing the event, everybody loved my favors and sweet treats (yay me!) but the feelings about the beach party afterwards were mixed. The older folk were not happy, they wanted something more traditional like sitting in a fancy restaurant and having people serving them so about 20 people left immediately.
That meant a TON of food going to waste as I had cooked for 100 and we were barely 40 at the beach!!

We ended up feeding the entire beach!! Ha!!!
(The lifeguards LOVED us!)

I got HORRENDOUS sunburn (I was wearing a sleeveless shirt but capri pants thank God!) which I didn't even notice with all the adrenaline pumping until I got home.
It hurts like... you know what.
Oh and my nose is also beet red!!
You see, we had kiosks and the people were sitting fine under them... but once I had set up and organized the waiters, I went off after my own kids who REALLY-WANTED-TO-PLAY-IN-THE-SEA... except they had bathing suits and I didn't!!! And you don't leave two 4 1/2 year olds to play alone near the water... hence the sunburn!

Now that it's over I am realizing just how involved I was in the last 3-4 weeks and just how behind I am at my own work :(
I have serious and FAST catching up to do... dolls need to go out NOW, sculpting must be done....
I am off to take the boys to school and then it's work work work for me...
Wish me luck but don't pat me on the back.. OUCH!!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

The cherry on top

Sorry guys and gals if I went MIA again, but we are organizing a baptism which is to be held tomorrow for my nephew so as you can understand once again I got behind with work :(
And the cherry on top? Last night I went to my PC and there was a message "imminent primary hard drive failure, please back up your system"... YIKES!!!!
So I did back it up and discussed with George about getting a new HDD and this morning? My PC is DEAD!!! Wow, that's technology for you... it knew it was dying... how kind of my PC to warn me.

I am typing this from my husband's PC... I have no access to my e-mail so please if you have mailed me, please please be patient, I will get back to you Monday. I am off to buy a new hard drive and tomorrow while me and the boys are at the christening my husband will hopefully restore my system! (Windows 7 here I come!)

BTW I had a lady ask me about her doll last night but I didn't have a chance to reply that yes indeed she was shipped (from Germany, hope you are reading my blog so you are not worried!!!)

Wish me luck tomorrow!!
Until next time

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