Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ONE Lucy and ONE Ellis Left

I still have ONE Lucy kit and ONE Ellis kit in the blowout sale price of 60 Euros plus shipping.
Find them here:


Sunday, February 24, 2013

For sale, take two!

A/A baby, about 8" tall, full limbs, cloth body weighted with glass. Very cuddly and poseable! (skin color is actually a lot lighter in person :)) $310 shipped

6" baby, chunky!!! Full limbs, body weighted with glass, very cute and chunky! $210 shipped

10" baby, full limbs cloth body, open eyes (glass, dark blue). Body filled with glass. Amazing outfit!! (can be dressed as a boy if you see boy!). $410 shipped. Very rare awake one!!!

You don't see these everyday!

I know my A/A and biracial babies are rare so I thought I would share a mini with you :)


Thursday, February 21, 2013

First Batch Of Babies for Sale!!!

These are the first 3 babies I am putting up for sale.
Everything is sold as is, so please read carefully!!

First, full sculpt baby boy, in red flower heart as shown. About 6" (if he were uncurled).
$210 shipped, heart display included.

Second, 6" baby girl, cloth body, glued on hair. Comes in the outfit shown, red flower display NOT included. Shoes included. $160 shipped.

Third: Life size 22" baby girl. **TODAY 21/2 ONLY** $1040 plus shipping of your choice.
The "catch" I have not baked her limbs yet (except that one arm you can see). She has full arms and 3/4 legs. She is very big. Very little hair (or I can add more, painted or glued on, your choice).
She must be paid TODAY in order for that low, low price to be valid. She will be shipped no later than next Wednesday the 27th. All of this because I have an urgent bill to pay. So I get to pay my bill, you get a big baby in a very good price!!
If she does not sell today, she will be presented again next week, complete and in full price.
** I will consider selling her for reproduction in silicone, for an extra fee, but the $1040 must still be paid today **
She comes in two brand name, brand new outfits. The one she is wearing plus a 3 piece denim coverall set.

Please e-mail at ONLY, no PMs.
I accept PayPal!
Thank you for looking!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

New OOAKs available for adoption

I am still Spring cleaning my studio and I will be offering several OOAKs for adoption this week.
These include a big, life size newborn, a 10" mini, an 8" mini and three 6" minis one of which is a full sculpt!!
All in very competitive prices!!
Keep your eyes peeled for a preview!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Boy

I love this little guy!! I love all his angles lol :)


Thursday, February 07, 2013

The dilemma...

For a while now, I have been itching to make a new BJD doll in resin.
So I started one (Yo SD size) and here is my dilemma.
I made half the face like I always do... baked it, and then went to make the other half... except the two halves are different and I don't know which I like best. So, help me, please?
This is the first option, this is half a face, duplicated and inverted, so I can see what the finished doll will look like. This one is more like a traditional young child, not much "Asian" "Anime" style. It kind of reminds me of an old porcelain doll...
I was a fan of this look until I saw it "completed"... now I don't like it much :(
And here is the other half of the face, with the more "anime" look, again inverted to show a complete face.
Although I wanna tweak the eyes a little so they are "smiling" more, I think I like this look better. More Asian/Anime/Yo SD look.
What do you think? Which of the two would fit better in your collection? Which would you buy in resin?
Maaaaan, and you think sculpting is hard :( That's the EASY part lol :) Designing... now... THAT's HARD!!
And to leave you with something cute, this is Sprocket!!
I make him for John the other day because he was feeling really bad, my poor boy :(
He is a BJD robot. He is still W.I.P because I haven't received his eyes yet and I haven't painted him (cough cough) but he is fully functional and articulated and according to John, LOADS of fun (he has even made up a little voice for him).
Please excuse the dust on my printer (cough! I have been sick ;)) and the tape holding Sprocket's headcap shut (as I said, eyes not here yet!).
Cuteness, overloaaaad!!!
(Ok, I might or I might have not, had 3 cans of Cherry Coke... not the diet kind ;))
And here is Sprocket's original design!

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