Thursday, June 25, 2009

No service!!!

Today was the day we would be connected to our new internet provider. Yes TWO weeks late... and they were supposed to call us to let us know... and they didn't.
And since 8 am this morning, I have no phone and no internet connection and way too many balls in the air (customers) to count... :(
SUCH BAD timing!!!!

So both me and then my hubby each spent 40 minutes on our (cell)phones to Forthnet, and the answer was the same for both of us... there is some kind of malfunction to the phone line and they can't fix it UNTIL MONDAY!!!!!

So here I am at an internet cafe trying to tell my customers not to worry if they don't hear from me because you know.. I HAVE NO SERVICE!!!! :(
I am SO upset because we changed ISPs because this was supposed to be a RELIABLE one. I am so disappointed!!

So please bear with me until I get this sorted. I won't leave you hanging. I intend to come to the internet cafe or go to my brother's house to check e-mail once daily until we get service restored.
I thank you in advance for your patience.
I WILL get back you, but it might not be on the same day!
I will keep you updated (and keep your fingers crossed this internet cafe PC doesn't have some program that steals passwords! Yikes!!)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Setting the record straight

I just wanted to address the doll show issue because some things have reached my ears and I wanted to set the record straight.
I have heard that many were disappointed that did not manage to buy a doll from the doll show and even complained to my friends and the show coordinator.

I did have babies for sale, resins, OOAKs and even a silicone. However most sold to the early bird ticket holders...

About the alleged "pre-sold" dolls. I do NOT have any pre-sold dolls!!!
The resins you saw on my table that had an "adopted" sign on them were actually *SAMPLES*. In order to get my molds paid for so *your* (the collector's) wait to be short, I had to find money... so I announced my edition to a select (very very) few who pre-paid me for their dolls so that I could have the molds done and be able to make two extra dolls (which were available for sale ON the day and both sold within 10 minutes of the doors opening fair and square to the first people who came to me with the money on hand)... Then, those ladies who had paid AND RECEIVED their dolls BEFORE the show and I stress this, they received their dolls BEFORE the show, were kind enough to bring them with them so that I could display them as *samples* so I could take pre-orders for them.

The sign "adopted" on the dolls was actually not written by me. The more accurate sign would have been "Sample - Not for sale" which was the truth.
So no, I did not pre-sell the dolls. I came to the show mostly to collect pre-orders. (btw I got exactly ZERO pre-orders so NO the show was NOT a success - I barely made my costs!!!!!).

So there you have it... I have no "secret list" of collectors and know this that all the sample dolls on my table, were paid IN FULL, I did no one any favors, in fact they did ME a favor by lugging their babies to the show and displaying them so that I could get pre-orders.

And this ladies and gents is the truth... I am not sure what the rumors are saying, but take it from the horse's mouth if you'd like and ask the ladies themselves if you want... and btw it is not against any rule to bring dolls as samples and say "look this is what you are getting if you pre-order"...

Big thank you to my 4 collectors who agreed to have their precious babies on display on the day...

I promise that if I do the October show, there will be more babies for you to buy... if only you get there on time lol :) because I am telling you... the babies I DID have for sale, were gone in 10 minutes flat, bought by the "early bird" ticket holders...

Thank you for your time and I hope this sets the record straight...

Outage Tomorrow

Hi everybody!
Remember what a horrible time I've had with our ISP since February, when we kept losing the connection and my e-mails both sent and received were lost in cyberspace...?

Well we applied for a new provider and tomorrow they will hook us up. So for a few hours as they claim I will have no access to internet and e-mail. So don't worry if you don't hear from me ok?
I will be back online ASAP!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Small Miracles - Actual Resins

Hello world,
I'm back home, have been for a week now and just catching up with the general craziness of life... I am still adjusting to the life without a nanny and now realize I might have been a little bit spoiled by having a nanny, even if she was a lousy, lazy one towards the end... there was comfort in the knowledge that at 8 am, someone would take over for me while I did what I needed to do (i.e. if I had stayed up until 4am the previous night, I could catch some extra sleep since I am a night owl anyway).

Not having a nanny means mostly I will need to drag my kids everywhere with me including (but not limited to) the post office, the super market, the bank... and last time we were in the PO to ship dolls, Cody pressed the alarm button and the police came running thinking someone was robbing the post office... oops!
And no, unfortunately, I have no family to help and my hubby works two jobs so... he gets home very late after they've been in bed for an hour.

But on the bright side, I don't have to pay 1050 Euros a month anymore!!! (which means I need to make less dolls per month to get by!)
I will find my footing I am sure. I will balance work and kids and house eventually. Plus they are going to school in the Fall and that should help.

Right! Back to dolls!!!
I am happy to show you pictures of the *actual* resins. I still have spots available since I haven't really advertised them on the forums so if you want one, come on in!
I am much more organized with those than I was with my other editions. The molds are DONE, I told my wonderful pourer Doug, to just keep going and not stop so *your* waiting times will be short!!!
The current time is 8-10 weeks :) I do not want to take many too many pre-orders so I won't get overwhelmed so for this period of waiting for 8-10 weeks, I can only accept 6 more pre-orders. Your choice of sculpt!

Here are some pics of the actual resins:

Small Miracle Awake done as an older baby (almost 23" tall)

Small Miracle Awake again:

Identical Twin Girls (Small Miracle Awake and Asleep):

Small Miracle Asleep, done as a newborn (a full 21" tall with a head of 15") with painted hair:

Same baby:

Small Miracle Awake side looking, blue eyes, Caucasian:

Small Miracle Awake done as an Asian baby:

Identical Twin Alices (Olive skin tone) with "mop" hair... (painted hair is an option for a newborn look or even applied hair, very sparse or a wig)

You can place a pre-order if you mail me at
You get choice of skin color (6 tones!), hair, gender and with the awake baby, you can go for newborn size or 2 month old size!!
For those who have asked, all 3 babies are BIG babies, not preemie size at all. Alice is the size of Little Wonder while the other two are actually a little bigger especially the awake one. Each baby weighs 9lbs!!!!

Don't delay too much. The Alice edition is only 10 babies while the others are 18 (all plus APs which I am saving for the shows).

Sunday, June 07, 2009


The show is over!!! And I am exhausted! My feet are the size of watermelons and I want to go home!!!
I've had an absolutely wonderful time but it was work until you drop basically for a long time... I am so so tired... however I've met so many people and made new friends it was amazing.

My sculpting class went very well and my studens were awesome!! They did SO good... a full head in one day and then a full 6 inch mini baby the next day... They were so happy and I was so proud of them!!!

Unfortunately I did not get any pre-orders for my new resins at the show so go on girls, the lists are now open... you can pre-order your resins now. They turned out absolutely amazing although the eyes were a bit hard to get in I can tell you and some creative thinking was needed but I managed!!! :)

I have taken pictures this time (aren't you proud of me?) so I will post them when I get home. I will be travelling all day tomorrow and with the time difference I won't get home until really late at night... so those who have sent me any e-mails, I've had no access to my e-mail so please be patient one more day until I return...
I see all my dolls have been received so I hope you are happy girls :)

I will talk to you soon!!

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