Monday, January 11, 2010

The funny minds of children (sick day 5)

Let's back up a few days... on Thursday morning, on his name day, John was returned to me from grandma's where he spent the night, with a slight fever... by the end of the day, he was running a fever of 103 and was sneezing and coughing and was of course, miserable.
The problem with John is, he has GI reflux so the slightest cough, makes him throw up... needless to say I cleaned up a lot of vomit these last few days and don't get me started on the tons of laundry... because despite my efforts, John cannot "get" throwing up in a bowl... or the toilet... he prefers himself, the couch, his bed... and me of course... down my back seems a favorite.

Anyway, needless to say Cody got it a couple of days later (Saturday) and now I have TWO very sick kiddos at home... I didn't send them to school of course so the school called today to ask after them...
Since this is John's 2nd time getting sick in 3 weeks and with the MRI deadline looming, the ped put him on antibiotics (Procef) which may or may not be working... he doesn't have a fever today (and only a slight one yesterday) and he seems more himself but I can't tell if it's the antibiotic of the virus has run it's course.

Cody on the other hand is in a bad shape. He went to bed at 4pm yesterday and slept until 7am TODAY... he was running a 105 fever all night and wouldn't take any fever medication so I kept vigil with a cool washcloth and tons of water and herbal tea by his side...
Of course today I think *I* got it too as I am not so much myself, I feel "fluey".

So my prayer today consists of "Please God help me through the day" and "Please God make John all better so I can send him to school tomorrow"...
I am ok work-wise I managed to do some things and if push comes to shove, I will ask my MIL to look after the boys feigning an emergency lol :) (she doesn't volunteer you see).

For now I need to pack a doll, go to the super market and hang out with my sickos (sick kiddos lol).

Oh!! I forgot:
When I was growing up, the arrival of the postman was never something to be excited about. Nothing would arrive for us kids in the mail... just the odd pen pal letter or the card from our family in the USA... But my kids, as the children of an online shopper, wait for the postman each and every day.
These days we are expecting some ELC Planet Protector figures I bought off eBay... I bought like 5 figures and the space ship for the price of the space ship off the store alone... and just as I was writing this, the doorbell rang and it was the postman... the boys exclaimed "our gifts!" in one voice and I went downstairs to the building lobby to pick up whatever it was .. and it wasn't for them :(
They are in the living room crying now :( poor things... I know in the UK the flights are canceled due to the weather and all so they have to be patient..

The funny thing is earlier in the day Cody said, "Ok, now I will go back to sleep and in a minute you wake up me and say "The postman is here" so I can get my present".
He thinks that is he sleeps, tomorrow will come thus hasting the postman's arrival... which is only true if it's towards the end of the day, not at 9am lol... and certainly not for a "minute" nap...
I need to teach them the concept of time!


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