Thursday, June 03, 2010

No power!

Ok let's see if this works. I am trying to put an update through my phone's browser. It's been a couple of hrs since we got home and we are still without electrical power. If you have mailed, don't freak out if I can't reply, as soon as the power is back I will :)
I am not ignoring you lol.
BTW it's very common in my area during the summer because of the drain of all the air conditioners... still I hate it!


Suzette said...

Geesh... dont I know this feeling
In South Africa we have black outs due to the fact that our power supplier cannot supply us all with electricity. Most hateful when it goes off around the time we need to cook dinner. We now have a constant alert on our local TV channel to inform us if we need to switch off any unnecessary appliances Ugh!!!! lol


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