Sunday, April 03, 2011

The "Disaster" Day

Yup, we've had one of those!! :)
So Friday night, just as I had gotten the boys into bed and I was getting ready to snap a couple photos for a couple customers, ZAP!! Lights out!! The boys freaked and started screaming and I went fumbling for my cell phone so I could use it as an improvised flash-light!
I got the boys in the living room with us, and went in search of candles.. because we had no actual flash-lights... because the boys think they are the best thing since sliced bread and used them as toys and we haven't seen them since!!

Anyway, I got the candles lighted (suprisingly I had more than I thought!) and we waited for the power to return... no go! It was sometime in the am. the lights came back on at which time we were all asleep in our improvised camp in the living room...

Saturday, G. was on duty so he left early in the day, not to return until early Sunday... Now that my boys are 5 1/2, I thought I would get some extra snooze in the weekends. After all, they get up, grab a bowl of cereal and watch cartoons quietly which affords this tired mom an extra hour of sleep (I am NOT a morning person!).
Except yesterday, I woke up to John yelling "Yuck! GROSS!!!" and a floor full of dog vomit!! (yuck! gross!!) ... of course he had stepped on it!! OF COURSE!!
I wash the kid then, try to clean up the vomit which was the size of lake Missouri! What? I've got a 70lbs Labrador!! She has a big stomach!!

Then I start worrying about the dog... Surely I must take her to the vet! What if she has this twisted stomach thing Labradors get?? There was nothing weird in the vomitus so she didn't eat a brush or something so surely she must be dying..
Pandora sat there looking all miserable... this dog also goes through guilt trips so she looked very guilty for vomitting on my floor!

I get dressed and put her leash on so she could do her business outside and turn to grab my keys... and in that split second, she let loose on my IKEA rug/carpet, a stream of watery poo and urine... then before I could even close my mouth, she disappeared feeling even more guilty with a "shoot me now" look on her face!!

Took me an hour to clean up and the rug I am afraid to report, didn't make it. I will never get the stench out so now I must dish out another 50 Euro to buy a new one...
I am happy to report after that incident, Pandora felt much better... in the evening she was "normal" in that department and today she is back to her jolly self...

So after the sick dog incident, I had to get the boys ready for swimming class. They were SO excited, as I had kept them home all winter and had missed it so much!!
Except I was all out of shape in my "socker...ehm, swimming" mom routine, I hadn't even had a chance to grab breakfast or a coffee and I still had to print two photographs for their IDs. I had less than half an hour to get two uber-excited litle boys, dressed, check their bags to make sure they had everything for their lesson and get my hair brushed...

So we do all that and still manage to leave 15 minutes LATE from home... at which point I remembered I had forgotten to bring the hairdryer and it had started to rain and Cody wanted to take a shower afterwards (even though there is no chlorine in the water and we could have waited 20 minutes until we got home..because I had forgotten the hairdryer!!) so I had to take my (stubborn) son out in the rain with wet hair!! He is sneezing today!! Grrrrr!!

After that I decided I can't take them home since they still had energy to spare so I took them to the Mall which is practically next door to the pool... and we had a nice lunch during which moms and dads from adjacent tables with well behaved (and older, to my defence!) kids took turns starring at me and my (futile) attempts to make John sit still long enough so I could feed him... he ate 1/4 of a tomato from the salad, two slices whole wheat bread and 10 fries... when we left, they could have seated someone else at our table and pretend the food was untouched! (I still had to pay the full bill though!!!)

Then one of their friends' and his mom met us there and we left them to play in the indoor playground and I FINALLY got coffee... (and a pastry but don't you dare tell!! My soul needed it!!)
It was by now almost 5 in the afternoon... and we got home, I cooked for them and we played a little Xbox360 (where I got pulverized by Devastator and the boys laughed at me!) and I washed and put them to bed... then I don't remember anything because I fell asleep in the couch, holding a piece of clay I had intended to make an arm out of... and it was stuck to my eyebrow 3 hrs later when I got up to go to bed...

No wonder I feel knocked out today!!! How was your weekend?


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