Monday, May 28, 2012

The question of time....

Ok so you know how we always say "Time flies"?? and how we never seem to have enough hours in a day to get things done?
Recently I discovered that I am plagued by this which I knew... however I was mortified to discover I am also plagued by this other thing... energy or rather, the lack of it. It's no big secret that after the Pneumonia (it deserves a capital P, trust me), it took me almost two whole months to feel like myself. Long after the coughing and the shortness of breath and the fever had subsided, I was still getting dizzy walking 10 feet and I was in bed by 9, shortly after the boys... people, we are talking I am a night owl... I don't feel sleepy until after the clock has turned into an am digit...
Slooooooowly and I do mean sloooooowly I regained my stamina (although I still get dizzy walking from time to time especially if I've had no breakfast lol)

Which brings us to yesterday... crazy day... but then lately all days have been crazy. It's getting close to the show and the delivery of my Gus and Ellis kits so naturally I have a lot on my plate and on my mind. The more involved I am with work, the naughtier the boys are... close the door to the room so I can do my auction in peace, and it's an invitation for them to try and break it down..

I had been planning to put up Gus for auction for DAYS now... did you see the auction go live DAYS ago? Nope... because I only managed to get it up YESTERDAY!!!
Hubby was told to help... he said ok... except his idea of helping and my idea of helping are totally different things:

My idea: Get the kids off my back, keep them fed, happy, take them to the park for crying out loud. Sit down and play with them, watch a movie with them...etc

His idea: Yell at them to leave mom alone (while sitting on his PC playing Farmville) and send them to their room. :(

This weekend has been teeth grinding... firstly, it was my dad's 9 month anniversary on Saturday. We were supposed to go to the cemetery and leave flowers, have a priest say a blessing... Hubby decided he would be doing private lessons to some guy... right in the middle of last few days before the show of course because his timing has always been fantastic <--insert sarcasm here.
Of course he did not come to the cemetery to honor my dad (priorities all screwed up much???)

My mom demanded I go pick them up. I explained that we cannot fit in my car... she said "take the car seats out, we will hold the boys in our laps" ... <-- insert Tina's horror face here.
But mom is like that... instead of thinking how she can help someone, she always thinks how people can serve her. Not only that but the cemetery is a 5 minute bus ride from their place or a 5 minute cab ride. But of course busses and taxis are not for them, right? Whereas me, who lives on the other side of town, have the time/obligation to swing by and pick them up (they are not on the way to the cemetery from where I live).
Needless to say, they did not show up at the cemetery either but I did get an earful because I didn't play chauffer...

I was feeling all crappy as we walked back to the car in the heat... the boys were moody, Cody kept saying he is missing his grandpa and "if he could only hear his voice one more time he would be happy"... I was grinding my teeth SO hard trying not cry in front of them... then as we nearing the car, John found a sticker on the pavement... it is one of those Euroleague trading card/stickers Cody collects!!
Then just a few steps from the car, on the lawn, sat a Beyblade thingie looking brand new. It wasn't there before...
It was Cody's nameday last Monday.. now you try and tell me this wasn't my dad's hand giving Cody two of his favorite things for his nameday!!!

After that I took the boys out for ice cream... we got home at 3pm at which time I still hadn't cooked. So I did that, had a few words with George because I was steaming mad at him (do you blame me?)
I wanted to get some work done but by the time I had cooked and eaten and cleaned, I was exhausted... <-- insert the energy issue thingie here
Of course I still had to do the shopping so I "popped" to ther super market at 7pm. There goes my day. I did maybe a few photos for Gus' auction and a little bit of work otherwise. During all this time George played on his PC and then took a nap!!!

Then on Sunday I wanted to get the auction up. Finished doing the photos and did the template. The kids would not leave me alone. They were in the room every 6 minutes wanting something or other, usually begging to get my cell phone so they could play games... George was supposed to watch them so I could work... yeah... allowing them to interrupt someone every 5 minutes is not watching them, George.

I finally managed to get the auction up and running and by the time I had cooked, walked the dog (x3), tidied up and did a tiny bit of work, I was exhausted again. I was in bed my 10pm last night. I just!!!

So I have shockingly discovered that it is not only an issue of "time flies".. but of energy as well. I could have worked a good 2-3 hours after 10pm last night, except I was literally falling asleep (I fell asleep on the couch while holding my coffee which was supposed to wake me up!)

Now the boys are at school and I can FINALLY get some work done. Ugh... except I am still tired!!!! grrrrrrrr


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