Sunday, August 12, 2012

On lice and men...

Ever since we got back from our summer vacation, both me and John have had a terrible itchy head...
I had checked the poor kid like twenty times and there was nothing... I had also checked myself twenty times and saw nothing... so I thought it was a) either nerves or b) all that chlorine from the pool water that made my hair hard like wires, dried out my scalp...

Fast forward to today when I decided to check John again... and OMGosh, there was LICE!!! Live, wringling, moving lice!!! Not many, like 5 or 6 of them and not too big but they were there!!!
Then I checked Cody (who was not itchy)... and out came 2-3 more!!!
(I had none but I assume it is because I dye my hair - too many gray hairs not to - and apparently they either die because of it of my hair smells of chemicals lol).

So the boys got a treatment and enjoyed playing in the tub for 15 minutes while it worked it's magic... rinse and repeat next week...

The problem is, I was raised to believe that head lice means you are not a good enough mom. If you child gets head lice it means you are not paying attention or something. I don't know why I had this notion but let's say and agree, my mom is a very weird person and she passed it down to me. She also warned me when I came out of private school to complete High School (public High School - my mom freaking out!) that I shouldn't play with kids of a lower social status than me. (told ya my mom was weird - my best friend in High School was a former preemie with CP!!)

So anyway back to head lice... I got a panic attack! My KIDS HAVE LICE!!! I am a terrible mom!!!
My hairdresser who knows me all my life shrugged and said "ah, so what? Head lice is nothing... everybody gets it!!" she was so... so CASUAL about it!! And here I am freaking out, ready to burns the sheets and their clothes... I am ready to disinfect the dog too!! Do dogs get lice? Because John's dog sleeps with him and they rub hair and fur all the time!! OMGosh!! Does my dog have LICE too??
Here comes my panic attack... I am off to burn the sheets... hopefully I can spare the dog!!!


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