Monday, March 18, 2013

Living Doll "Baby" review

Polyform recently came up with a new shade in their Living Doll series called "Baby".
Since I only got one bar, I decided to sculpt a miniature 5 inch baby to test it.

First of all the color is a little more white whereas the Beige appears more pink next to it.

Doing a miniature with it was probably not the smartest idea as it is super soft and I mean bubblegum soft. I have generally cold hands so I can work with soft clay, but Baby Living Doll gave even me a run for my money. I had to sculpt the baby in stages in fear of ruining what I had already sculpted. So, I did the face, let that cool, then I did the back of the head, then I did one ear, then baked the whole thing, and then and only then did I do the other ear and the neck.

I was able to get the body done in one go but only after my 3rd try. I did one leg without the joint, then added the joint after the leg was baked. I got frustrated often enough with the clay because of the softness. Also because of the lighter color, I found it difficult to keep it clean. Ok, the fact that I was wearing black velvet pants did not help :p

Once baked, Baby Living Doll does not have the same transluscency as Beige, but that is personal preferrence. I can't say I hate the color, because I don't. It took color well so I can't complain.
All in all it was difficult to work with and this means a lot coming from me, since I have been using Living Doll since 1999. Will I be buying another bar? Not any time soon, but in a pinch it will do I guess.

** The views expressed in this post are mine and mine alone, I have no been compensated in any way by Polyform or anyone else to post this review **


Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...

Your work is ALWAYS MAGNIFICENT! You have so much patience.
Thank you dear for sharing this info with us. I'm wondering if leaching the clay would help. I personally use Prosculpt. I put some in a plastic bag and sit on it most of the time. lol! I too have cold hands so I usually need a softer clay.
Enjoy your week!

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