Thursday, December 19, 2013

The secret is out :)

I got many well wishes but also some were asking if I am sculpting a new baby... well, kinda... in my belly this time!

We were totally shocked to find out that my partner and I were expecting this past summer. I've known this man for years, he was my best friend and it kinda happened after my divorce. Never in a million years did I think I would get pregnant again especially after I went through infertility with the boys. (or that I would love a man again!)
Needless to say, I was NOT expecting it and I don't think my very first emotion was pure joy either ;)
Rather the "jaw hit the floor" emotion happened!!

She is of course VERY welcome and loved already by both families and the boys are super excited to be getting a sister. Me on the other hand, wonder if I remember anything about babies after 8 years, lol :)
It has been a very different pregnancy. In the beginning they told us we were losing the baby, then we got a second opinion and we weren't, then it felt like it was all happening so fast and my faith faltered a bit... now I know that yes it is not easy but it is as it should be!

I have (had?) Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Those of you who had it, RESPECT!!! Until 17 weeks I totally thought I would die!! I could barely function... BARELY!! I am a lot better today, I still get bad days but thankfully it is not the 24/7 it was!! (on the plus side I have not gained any weight!)

And yes, the baby is a GIRL :) :) and yes that is her actual ultrasound picture. I think her profile totally looks like my dolls :) but on the 3D image I think she looks like her dad :) Thankfully she is not showing any of the signs John did at this gestational age, because that was always a worry of mine since we found out..

Unexpected, yup, that's my life... but so, so awesome!! I can't believe I was chosen to be a mom once again, I can never express how grateful I am for another chance...and after infertility for it to happen naturally... well, I've heard the stories, I just never believed them!!

Stay tuned for some new OOAKs I have been (slowly) working on, at amazing prices you won't believe!! I will be putting them up for sale tomorrow!!

Also, my new kits are just about done and will start shipping after the Holidays :) :) I am so excited! And as a thank you for your patience, since they were supposed to be out at the end of October, you are all getting a free body with your order!! :)



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