Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Wonders - Free baby for YOU

It all started when I was 7 years old. I pick up something my mom called "Cernit". It came in little celophane packages, in lots and lots of colors. It felt like plasticine. My mom used it to make jewelry. She molded them into shape in her hands, then placed them in the oven like cookies and the soft clay was transformed to hard stone... and her creations would stay like that forever!

I was fascinated! I remember my mom NOT wanting to give me any, because it was expensive but my non-stop chattering and excited jumping from foot to foot, finally convinced her to give me some scraps just to shut me up.
That was it! It shaped my entire future forever...

From the moment I sculpted my first miniature animal, I never stopped. Its been 22 years since that day and my interest has shifted from those miniature cartoon animals to realistic infant and children but my passion remains unchanged.
In 1999, I started selling my creations under "Little Wonders Original Creations" by Tina Kewy.
Back then I was sculpting string puppets, Marot puppets and miniature animals.
They were quite popular with local kindergartens and I had many orders for fairy tale creatures. Usually they were for the entire "cast" of a fairy tale like Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White and the 7 dwarves.

But my interest changed once again when I saw a porcelain doll kit. I knew I wanted to sculpt babies... In April of '01, I listed my first Berenguer Reborn on eBay. Except they weren't called reborns back then.
But reborning wasn't enough for me. I wanted to make my own babies... my first one in 1999 was not only made "without the use of aids" but also without the use of tools!
I only had the back of a paint brush and toothpicks. I had no knowledge of things like styrofoam heads or glass eyes. My previous dolls were made from air drying clay or cernit and everything was hand painted.

I feel I have come a long way since that first baby in 1999. And I owe it all to you, the collector. Because if you hadn't bought my earlier dolls, I would never have the money to by more clay and practice more and be where I am today.

So to thank you, I am offering a free custom mini baby to one lucky collector.
All you have to do is mail me at with your name, country and e-mail address. Please put "FOR FREE BABY" in the message subject so your e-mail won't get lost in the clutter. I get too much e-mail every day!

You have until Friday the 5th October 2007 to send me your entry. On Saturday I will draw a name at random. The winner can then decide if they want a boy or girl, full sculpt or cloth body etc.

Thank you once again my collectors. Without you, I would be nothing :)
Here's to many more years of creating babies that you love!!
Warmest regards!
Tina Kewy


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