Monday, February 25, 2008

Little James Alexander

Sometimes you just feel this *need* to create something very specific but I attribute this to me being broody ;) It's not a secret I am craving for another baby, which I know I can't afford to have (both physically and financially since the treatments and pregnancy and birth of our twins, drained our savings and we still haven't recovered - not that it wasn't worth it 110% of course!).

I have been walking around the house lately missing Little Wonder who is being casted as we speak, thinking I am craving a new little boy... a perfect little newborn. I have found myself many times in the last few weeks, drifting off course to the baby aisle at the supermarket or to the newborn section when I shop for my sons at our local Jumbo (like Toys R' Us).

So I stayed up and worked with my heart, not really even LOOKING at what I was sculpting. I just had this image in my head: a little boy, in a t-shirt and diaper, with his belly showing, socks on his wrinkly feet... And Yesterday half of James Alexander was born.
This name just popped into my head for him... James Alexander... it suits him!
But here is the big catch. He is a 6 way jointed, LIFE SIZE FULL SCULPT!!!
I love newborn bodies with their slightly enlarged breasts due to mommy's hormones, and their elongated heads and their puffy eyes and their large round bellies with the umbilical stump..and their slightly blue feet full of wrinkles and their mishapped, flat ears... I wanted THAT baby.. the few hours old baby who was crying his head off two hours earlier but is now sooooo content sleeping in your arms.

I gave James, a peach fuzz of hair. I have just gotten my mohair order in and I had to try this new one. It turned out a light brown with a little red in it which is exactly my hair color at birth. In fact until I entered puberty, when my hair darkened to the auburn it is today, I was called "carrot top" all the time.
And my sons, I have a red-blonde one and a carrot top one lol (although in indoor pics their hair looks a lot darker than it is).

I hope to work on James more this week but I have to put my orders first. I had my fun this weekend, now James must wait, all nice and swaddled until I can get to him again :)
Hopefully it won't be long... until then I can shop for him, right? lol

Pictures to follow!


hlutz said...

Hello, my name is Heather and I am from the USA. I recently was introduced to your sculpts and your reproductions, and your talent and detail is astounding! Your newest limited edition for Simply Reborn dolls looks so much like my child when she was born, that I was taken by surprise and wanted to research your site. Your personal story about your own children is quite moving, and I pray that you are able to continue to have good things come your way with your family. Having lost two pregnancies myself, I can understand that it is something very personal to go through. What a wonderful way to heal by bringing out your skills in an art form. Gifted, truly gifted. :)

Heather Lutz

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