Friday, February 29, 2008

A baby is born...

Upon seeing James for the first time, you will probably not believe he is not a real, live, breathing baby. He is sleeping peacefully in his crib, a head with very little hair, his eyes shut, with tiny little feathered eyebrows. Tiny veins and capillaries stain his delicate skin, and a little stork bite rests between his eyebrows.
His legs are tucked close to his body and his hands are in little fists as he dreams, content and warm in my boy's room. He is wearing a white onesie. "Baby James and his friendly dinosaurs" it reads with bright letters on his chest while cute dinosaurs litter the writing, hiding behind the letters.

His layette is in a neat folded pile in a box in my closet: a lime green velvet one piece with 3D cute dinosaurs by Pretty Baby. A green dinosaur toy, green dino pacifiers, socks and a matching blanket. His new mommy is jumping from foot to foot waiting for his arrival and I will miss him terribly too.

I want to lay him next to me as I work on Nicole's 2nd head but I am afraid he will distract me too much. So he waits patiently for Monday when he will be shipped off.
For now though, here is his birth announcement. Enjoy!


nikkig1964 said...

I am fascinated by your work. I love reborning your babies. I just saw Georgia and Lewis and can't wait until they are released. Especially Lewis! I love the tiny ones!

OOAK babies by Mina said...

Tina all your babies are just devine. You are my sculpting inspiration (after from babies themselves lol)
My sculpting has come along way since reading an article of yours, so thankyou so much! I wish you were closer, I would dearly love to take one of your classes. All the best with everything.
Hugs from Australia,
Mina xxx

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