Sunday, July 26, 2009

Small Miracle Asleep

It's been busy around here... it's hard to keep the boys entertained in the summer when most indoor playgrounds are closed and the ones outside are drenched in the hot Greek summer sun... it's been hard to find time and energy to work but as the Chinese said "as long as you keep moving, you will get there".

Here is a Small Miracle in resin, done as a newborn. This is how I had envisioned her anyway but of course I will go with each mommy's wishes on what they want.
She ended up being bigger than Little Wonder. She wears 3 month outfits fine!!
I can't wait to finish everyone's babies so I can make one for me lol :)

Enjoy her pics!! (yes this is a RESIN baby)


Gen said...

Hi Cutie,

She is just perfect, cute, sweet, gorgious,.... Words are not enough to explain how wonderful she is!!!

I just LOVE this baby!

Gen xoxo

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