Wednesday, April 21, 2010

John & Cody Monthly

(I am a few days behind my posts but I've had a super busy week with lots of unexpected things happen so forgive this late posting :))

John and Cody are now 4 years and 5 months old... What are they up to these days?

Cody is on the 99.4% for height for his age and on the 99.8% for weight. His combined average for height and weight is 97.2%
He grew an inch since last month and the 6 year old pants and shirts no longer fit him... by far!! 7 years are on the cusp but ok for now.
He is a size 13-14 youth shoe wise... Yup, I've got a BIG boy here :)

Cody is extremely active and he LOVES his swim class so much. He swims 3 hours a week and he is getting so good at it!! :)
He is loving school and he is learning like a sponge, sucking it all in. He has started speaking English :)

John is on the 87.7% for height but only on the 36% for weight. Combined he is at 3% on the normal (not preemie or CP) growth charts.
This month he weighed in at 32 pounds which the heaviest he has ever been! Go John!!
Otherwise we've had some rough days with him... I think we've gotten to the point that CP isn't his major issue anymore and neurological and behavioral problems are now taking the cake.
He's been very difficult to handle and he has often meltdowns and screaming. He also becomes violent towards us. I can't reason with him and discipline is also an issue.
His SID has sky-rocketed and he can't tolerate i.e. siren noise even if it comes from afar.
He reacts the same way to stimuli and situations as my friend's two year old... except I've had him for 4 1/2 years and it's really draining me.
He gets into fist fights with his brother and becomes obsessed over objects. Things have to be a certain way or done a certain way otherwise we have a meltdown. I know they got the PDD-Nos diagnosis dropped last year and this is most likely a SID diagnosis (some things are common for both) and he has become a MASTER manipulator... I am so drained by him... I think I might have spoiled him a little too which would be ok and manageable (and reverseable) in a normal child but John gives me pause.
I am terrified he won't be ready for kindergarten next September. He just won't sit down to do school work... I am NOT looking forward to him being a teen!!


In other news, my dad had a rough time with chemo side-effects, I am behind with work because by 9pm I am DRAGGING, I am too exhausted and we added a kitten to our brood which deserves a post of his own...
and I have 3 OOAKs to sell.. more on that later.

I am off to cook and pick the boys from school. Cody's teeth are falling apart, I've already paid more than $1000 out of pocket for his teeth and there is no end in sight :( He's got enamel hypoplasia... great!

Hugs to all


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