Thursday, April 22, 2010

Merlin Luckycharm

I had wanted a pet for the boys forever but it is impossible in our current situation to get a dog and George did not want another cat or a gebril or anything for that matter...

Last Thursday we were visiting my friend and as we were getting out the car, we were "greeted" by two huge stray dogs. My pet lover Cody wanted to pet them but they were acting a little strange... I then noticed, the white dog had something in his mouth which the brown dog was trying very hard to extract (they even grabbed an end each and pulled!!!). I was shocked to see a tiny red kitten between the jaws of the dog!!!
Somehow I managed to extract the kitten who was very slobbered but seemed ok...
A visit to the vet confirmed he was miraculously unharmed!!!
George originally freaked out but warmed to the idea and that's how Merlin Luckycharm came to live with us.

He is a Classic Red Tabby with the @ sign on his flanks and his eyes are turning green.
Today he is 7 weeks old and has adjusted wonderfully in our house. He loves the boys and tolerates handling nicely... Even our grumpy Beau has warmed up to him and they are becoming friends slowly but steadily...yesterday they were chasing each other around the house and last night Beau got worried and cried for Merlin when the latter crawled under the couch!!

He is a little spitfire, a ball of energy and fur (and claws and tiny baby teeth). He's really got guts! In the first few days he would hiss at us but with gentle handling he is now a cuddlebug!! He follows us everywhere and cries for our attention (and eats like a horse!).
I am so happy because the boys have really taken to him and I can now teach them responsibility and respect for animals in a real, hands on way.
I am looking forward to seeing the little fuzzball growing up with the boys...
Here is little Merlin on the day we brought him home (his eyes are already changing color, today they seem blue-green)


OOAK babies by Mina said...

wow! seems like someone was meant to be in your life!
He is gorgeous, and a great pic of him too


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