Saturday, December 31, 2011

Coming in 2012

(click the above image to enlarge)
More details:
Limited Edition resin baby, 5" long
Resin Head, Arms and Legs
Your choice of skin color (light A/A, Caucasian), hair color (painted) and gender/name.
Full arms, 3/4 legs, cloth body
Full range of accessories including, pacifiers, diapers, toys, clothes, furniture etc.
Comes in beautiful gift box. Each baby will be numbered.
Absolutely perfectly sculpted hands and feet to create an ultra-realistic newborn baby.
Long list of talented ladies who you can buy items from (car seat, crib, clothes, toys etc)
Fits into Ellery Kish clothes (excluding one piece items as her body is slight longer than her's but two piece outfits fit her well including booties etc).

Comes in two editions: the Special edition will include your customized baby plus baby accessories (pacifier, bottle, toy, blanket), extra outfit and a hand made crib or bassinet.

The Do It Yourself edition will include your customized baby dressed in one outfit.

Watch this space, pre-ordering will start soon.



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