Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year blogosphere! What's your resolution for 2012?
I only have one...
Get pregnant and complete our family with a 3rd child...
Simple right? And for a great part of the population on this Earth, it is... However here is the small print for yours truly:

Get Pregnant/Have a baby = Lose the weight from the previous fertility drug/IVF cycles --> find a new RE --> find the funds to support said new RE --> more sculpting, more dolls, possibly more kits etc --> start the whole process all over again --> try not re-gain weight --> fingers crossed it works --> I am not allowed to carry twins again due to the damage to my pelvis from last time --> keep said pregnancy healthy while managing the current kids/house/full time job/hubby/dog/cat etc --> do not deliver prematurely and do not go into bedrest like last time (4 months!) --> deliver healthy baby and live happily ever after.

Yeah... so... this is going to take more than a year to achieve :(

So instead here are my New Year's resolutions:

Laugh Every Day
Eat more Chocolate
See more movies
Cry less
Hug the boys more
Yell at them less
Take more care of ME :)

So what are yours then?


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