Sunday, March 25, 2012

A visti by dad

Today is a special day. It's Greece's National Day, there are parades and special meals cooked... it is also my mother's Name day... yesterday was her birthday. She was named after the patron Saint of today's day (The day Mary, mother of Jesus, received the Angel with the news that she would bear a special child)... in Greek it is called Evangelismos... it means "Happy News". The name that derives is Evangelia... Eva in short. My mom was born blue and almost dead... she survive by the grace of God and thus my grandparent called Evangelia (Evangeline in English) because of today's National and Spiritual holiday.

My dad visited last night. And not only dad. He brought his sister, my favorite aunt, also lost to cancer and his favorite dog... I felt at peace he had found them on the Other Side/Heaven.
He was keeping busy in my dream as usual, tinkering with something. He seemed happy and... normal.
I know he visited because it is mom's birthday. The boys and I will be heading there today to watch the parade and spend some time with her.

My boys are excited to see their uncles :) and wave their flags at the parade.
I found the perfect outfit yesterday at Prenatal for my little boy...
I dreamed I had boy/girl twins and that the boy had Down Syndrome and I was doing exercises with him to strengthen his muscle tone. I think I need to sculpt a baby boy like that. I so love DS kids :) like preemies they have a special place in my heart.

I gotta go. I have a busy day ahead. It's a sunny day :) Tomorrow I have ever MORE work to do, I've got babes to get out the door lol :) and prepare the studio for the arrival of Gus and Ellis.. yikes!! I need to go buy postage boxes...

And it's Easter soon... Wish I can take those two weeks off or at least the Holy Week (we call it the Great Week in Greece) :)
CU later girls :) Have a great Sunday!


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