Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Long overdue

Oh my! It's been so long since I've offered a new OOAK, it's crazy. That darn pneumonia really threw me weeks and weeks behind... poor little guy had been patiently waiting for months on end for me to do a little here, a little there... he is still not finished but I am getting close!

I will give you a sneak peek later this week, I have already finished the head and I can promise you, this will be an exciting baby packed full of things I've tried for the first time (and they worked! yay!).
He will also be my first silent auction, it will be fun don't you think? Just in time for Easter...
Right now I feel like I can go out and buy him something Spring-y to wear. I usually wait to buy clothes for them until after they are done because I end up buying clothes and not using them... but he is halfway there so it won't hurt, right?

I am also desperate for a name... He looks like an Andrew but I don't like it all that much... Reese? Jonathan? Alex? Eric? I also like Lyland... because you know... I am old ;)
No really, I really DO like the name Lyland... and Mainnard... and A.J.... Hmmm.... A.J....


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