Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The one in which I didn't want to sculpt...

It's been a while since I posted so let me catch you up :)
We had a nice, quiet summer. I felt I had earned it because of what happened last summer. Dad up there really made it up to me :) Thanks Dad!!

There was one teensy bitsy problem though.. all through the summer I felt totally uninspired!!
I just couldn't sculpt... or rather, I would start something but didn't finish it. You will be amazed at the amount of OOAK heads I have in my studio at the moment!!
I didn't realize why until the boys started school last week... I was exhausted!! With no help, 3 full months of just me and the boys, without even an HOUR for some me time, I was reaching my limit.
Not only that but we are the stage where they bicker constantly... and talk back! OMGosh the talking back!!! I have often exclaimed (only half joking!), "I will strangle them!" lol. Which of  course I would never do ;) just saying...

So they have been in full days at school for a week now..and guess what?
I have already finished two OOAKs (one of them being the OOAK Gus who I restored, and Ellis is next). I got my mojo back!! Some sleeping in (yes I do admit, I sent them off to school and then catch an extra hour of sleep in the morning since I usually sculpt until 2-3am each night), some peace and QUIET around the apartment... voila! Instant transformation!! I am sculpting again!
Not only that, I am ready to tackle a couple of big projects that have been on my mind for a while now :)

I have many surprises for you, my dear collectors and reborners saved up for this winter :)
Can wait to show my OOAK of Gus, fully restored. I added a neck and made him new limbs, since they took quite a beating beyond saving during molding for the vinyl. Originally I thought I would save them and worked really hard on them for more than a month... should have just gone with new ones, would have taken me less time, ha!! Eventually I gave up on them and just made new!
The head (his and Ellis') is in pristine condition so he only took some repainting :)
I also did 3 new mini babies... and something I can't talk about yet as it's a surprise :)
I am looking forward to a very creative winter, during which I get my sculpting mojo back, clear out my studio and get ready for new, exciting and big projects!!!

Stay tuned!!! Happy Winter everyone!!


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