Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No more death...

My sister in law just called... my father in law has suffered something life threatening (I couldn't make out what it was as my mother in law was crying, I think she said thrombosis).
They are bringing him to the hospital from the mountains and time is running out.
Will you please pray for him?? His name is John.

As for me, I called our babysitter, I want the kids out of the house and we might also need to go to the hospital anyway so it seemed prudent to have someone on standby.
I wholeheartedly pray that he gets 100% better..because frankly, I can't stand any more death...tomorrow marks 13 months since my father died... I've had enough grief, my family has had enough grief, my kids have had enough grief losing a grandfather, to lose another one... so please God... don't. Just don't :(


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