Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lil'Gus OOAK for sale

This is a once in a life opportunity :)
After many months, the OOAK from which Gus was produced is ready for adoption.
He had some damage from the molding process but I worked hard and about 50% of him is brand new.
I did some changes (as you will see in the pics) and he does have some minor flaws but not more or less than any other hand made OOAK :)
This is your once in a life time chance to own a very famous, sought after and adorably cute Kewy OOAK in a low price.
Because of his small flaws he is sold as is for only $1200 ($1250 for Australia or if you want Express Shipping).

He will come with a full layette of brand name clothing...because he is a Prince and we need to spoil him :)
I am also giving the new mommy the option of painted or glued on hair!!

Here is a list of what I did to him:
Gave him a proper neck.
Left hand was perfect coming off the molding, so didn't do anything to it.
Right arm couldn't be salvaged so I made him a brand new arm.
I kept the feet but gave him brand new legs from mid-calf up.
He did came home with a crack on the bridge of his nose, which I cut and repaired thoroughly. However you can see a super thin whitish line from up close :( It is not a crack and it won't get worse over time but of course I have to mention it.
He now has a brand new cloth body, he is nicely weighted and heavy and of course all new paint :)

Here is the little prince:

He is a big newborn baby at about 21-22"
Drop me an e-mail to tina (at) tinakewy dot com if you are interested.
I accept PayPal :)
Thank you!!


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