Thursday, February 07, 2013

The dilemma...

For a while now, I have been itching to make a new BJD doll in resin.
So I started one (Yo SD size) and here is my dilemma.
I made half the face like I always do... baked it, and then went to make the other half... except the two halves are different and I don't know which I like best. So, help me, please?
This is the first option, this is half a face, duplicated and inverted, so I can see what the finished doll will look like. This one is more like a traditional young child, not much "Asian" "Anime" style. It kind of reminds me of an old porcelain doll...
I was a fan of this look until I saw it "completed"... now I don't like it much :(
And here is the other half of the face, with the more "anime" look, again inverted to show a complete face.
Although I wanna tweak the eyes a little so they are "smiling" more, I think I like this look better. More Asian/Anime/Yo SD look.
What do you think? Which of the two would fit better in your collection? Which would you buy in resin?
Maaaaan, and you think sculpting is hard :( That's the EASY part lol :) Designing... now... THAT's HARD!!
And to leave you with something cute, this is Sprocket!!
I make him for John the other day because he was feeling really bad, my poor boy :(
He is a BJD robot. He is still W.I.P because I haven't received his eyes yet and I haven't painted him (cough cough) but he is fully functional and articulated and according to John, LOADS of fun (he has even made up a little voice for him).
Please excuse the dust on my printer (cough! I have been sick ;)) and the tape holding Sprocket's headcap shut (as I said, eyes not here yet!).
Cuteness, overloaaaad!!!
(Ok, I might or I might have not, had 3 cans of Cherry Coke... not the diet kind ;))
And here is Sprocket's original design!


karina-brandt said...

oh tina, they are all wonderful in each their own way.
personally i'm not into the anime-type style of faces but love the more human they look the better.

why not just produce both and give them same body?

- karina

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...

OHHHHH!!!! I love the little robot!!! Such a sweet little one.
Both faces are lovely! Each with it's own special personality. The first looks quite human. The second might appeal to a younger group I would think. Just a thought. I'm sure that which ever you decide to go with will be always.
Take care.
Can hardly wait to see more.

Jeanette said...

I vote for the second face. And I kinda like the less smiling eyes. It gives it that pleading look.

And Sprocket is ADORABLE! Love him!

Barbra said...

You are SO talented, what lucky little boys to have a mommy like you to build them such a neat little OOAK toy! I think that is super awesome!!!

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