Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why OOAKs should not be repainted (in my humble opinion)

I was never upset whenever I saw one of my OOAKs being repainted by the very talented artists out there. I greatly admire my friend Kris who often repaints OOAKs and silicones and does an amazing job!

However in the last month I have been faced with a problem... twice!
I got a couple of older pieces back for repairs. I am always happy to repair something for someone, however both of the pieces have been repainted and sealed (I don't know by who btw and as I said, I don't mind it one bit). Now, I can repair the pieces but I will need to strip the paint :( And they will no longer match the rest of the doll(s) that sit back home with their moms.

Of course I have notified both girls but still... I feel bad because I like the painting but I must repair them :(
I thought it would be an interesting thought to share with my collectors, when they decide to have their OOAK repainted in the future, remember, if anything should happen to it, can the sculpting artist match the new paint job?

As for the two girls that trusted me their precious little ones, you know I will do my absolute best for you!!


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