Tuesday, May 07, 2013

David and Jamie Pre-order ** EARLY BIRD SPECIAL SALE!! **

Finally I was able to get David and Jamie's page up for pre-order.
I will offer 100 David kits and 100 Jamie kits for 60 Euros only, PLUS a bonus body plate. Shipping is about 15 Euros per kit in Europe and 21 Euros for the rest of the world. This includes a tracking number.

I am expecting the kits in early Fall this year. I know there have been delays in the past but I have worked very hard to make sure these do not happen again.
I am only asking for a deposit of 25 Euros with the balance of 35 Euros (plus the shipping ) due when I receive the kits. I think for such big babies (the same size as Gus and Ellis), and done in my usual German vinyl quality, this is a great price. It is my thank you to you for your past patience and continued support :)

Also those of you who order these 100, you get the low certificate numbers of 1 to 100 AND each head will be signed by me!! Also, a small surprise item for you will be included ;)

You can find the pre-order page here:

I can't wait to share pics of the prototypes really soon with you!!



jenny said...

I have already purchased 1 pre-order of Jamie. I would like a second one, do I just place a second pre-order?
Thank you!

I love them!

Tina Kewy said...

Yes Jenny, and shipping will be combined at the end, no worries!

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