Monday, March 03, 2008


I stumbled upon a sculpting treasure the other day... a wonderful Greek magazine about pregnancy and birth.
Now, all parenting magazines are of use to a sculptor as we buy them (all) and cut away, saving out favorite baby pictures in an album. Pictures in magazine and the press are btw, free game and you can use them to sculpt even a portrait ;)

Now this magazine is unique for two reasons: it's Greek and it's about birth!
It's important that it's Greek because over here we are more "liberal" with nudity photos so I got some AMAZING HUGE photos of the baby as she was being born, step by step from start to finish.
And then it came with a DVD showing the birth unedited ;)

By the end of it, I felt so inspired! I really want to use the photos to make a "literally just born" baby. I realized that although mine are newborn and I do have the anatomy down, they are more in the stage of being a few hours old, all washed and cleaned, blood flow established (so no blue hands and feet), wrinkly, but less, all clean and fed and snuggled with mom.
I wanted to sculpt the "JUST-BORN-TWO-SECONDS-AGO"... blue feet and all.
Crying, puffy, less attractive ;)
So I forfeited last night's sleep to work on a new sculpt because I do have work to do (custom orders) and I didn't want to put that aside to work on something I was inspired to do.
It went unexpectedly well. In only 4 hours I had a completed head, crying expression and all, and half a torso. This is a 14" sculpt.
Can't wait for tonight so I can work a little more on her.
But for now, I've loaded up on coffee and I am back working on Denise's baby. I will have the head finished today. Boy, will she be surprised (in a good way) ;) lol

And a Little Wonder update: I got my COAs for her/him and they are AMAZING. Love this shop, they did an amazing job!! You will love them ;)
And Barbara sent me an update... she said she is "perfect" lol. (yeah I knew that already - being a biased expectant mommy myself lol)
Only roughly 1 month until I have the first few here!! YAY!!!!
Roll March, Roll!!

And a little not so happy update: my wrist's dislocation by my 2 year old a few weeks ago, has turned into a full fledged Carpal Tunnel Syndrome recurrence and I have been in a splint all this past week.
I remove the "glove" part of the splint to work and I CAN work (although I shouldn't according to the Dr but try telling the gas company that due to CTS I can't pay the bill this month :( or to the garage that I can't pay for my car repair this week). Then the day before yesterday I forgot to remove the splint while I slept and woke up with a very bad case of some sort of rash/allergy from the neopren. Ugh.
I can't even lift a cup of coffee reliably with my left hand without the splint. I think it's time to schedule that surgery... as soon as the boys have grown enough to not need me 23 hours a day, I have enough money saved up in the bank so I don't have to work EVERY day (aka take a vacation) and I am done with all my custom orders so I don't keep people waiting. Let's see... enter all the variables... hmm does the hospital have an opening for December of 2012??

Have a great week everyone!!


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