Sunday, June 14, 2009

Small Miracles - Actual Resins

Hello world,
I'm back home, have been for a week now and just catching up with the general craziness of life... I am still adjusting to the life without a nanny and now realize I might have been a little bit spoiled by having a nanny, even if she was a lousy, lazy one towards the end... there was comfort in the knowledge that at 8 am, someone would take over for me while I did what I needed to do (i.e. if I had stayed up until 4am the previous night, I could catch some extra sleep since I am a night owl anyway).

Not having a nanny means mostly I will need to drag my kids everywhere with me including (but not limited to) the post office, the super market, the bank... and last time we were in the PO to ship dolls, Cody pressed the alarm button and the police came running thinking someone was robbing the post office... oops!
And no, unfortunately, I have no family to help and my hubby works two jobs so... he gets home very late after they've been in bed for an hour.

But on the bright side, I don't have to pay 1050 Euros a month anymore!!! (which means I need to make less dolls per month to get by!)
I will find my footing I am sure. I will balance work and kids and house eventually. Plus they are going to school in the Fall and that should help.

Right! Back to dolls!!!
I am happy to show you pictures of the *actual* resins. I still have spots available since I haven't really advertised them on the forums so if you want one, come on in!
I am much more organized with those than I was with my other editions. The molds are DONE, I told my wonderful pourer Doug, to just keep going and not stop so *your* waiting times will be short!!!
The current time is 8-10 weeks :) I do not want to take many too many pre-orders so I won't get overwhelmed so for this period of waiting for 8-10 weeks, I can only accept 6 more pre-orders. Your choice of sculpt!

Here are some pics of the actual resins:

Small Miracle Awake done as an older baby (almost 23" tall)

Small Miracle Awake again:

Identical Twin Girls (Small Miracle Awake and Asleep):

Small Miracle Asleep, done as a newborn (a full 21" tall with a head of 15") with painted hair:

Same baby:

Small Miracle Awake side looking, blue eyes, Caucasian:

Small Miracle Awake done as an Asian baby:

Identical Twin Alices (Olive skin tone) with "mop" hair... (painted hair is an option for a newborn look or even applied hair, very sparse or a wig)

You can place a pre-order if you mail me at
You get choice of skin color (6 tones!), hair, gender and with the awake baby, you can go for newborn size or 2 month old size!!
For those who have asked, all 3 babies are BIG babies, not preemie size at all. Alice is the size of Little Wonder while the other two are actually a little bigger especially the awake one. Each baby weighs 9lbs!!!!

Don't delay too much. The Alice edition is only 10 babies while the others are 18 (all plus APs which I am saving for the shows).


Yovanka Black said...

OMG Tina Small Miracles are soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!

I mean following your work is really hard to decide on a favorite... yet this little baby just melts my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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