Thursday, June 25, 2009

No service!!!

Today was the day we would be connected to our new internet provider. Yes TWO weeks late... and they were supposed to call us to let us know... and they didn't.
And since 8 am this morning, I have no phone and no internet connection and way too many balls in the air (customers) to count... :(
SUCH BAD timing!!!!

So both me and then my hubby each spent 40 minutes on our (cell)phones to Forthnet, and the answer was the same for both of us... there is some kind of malfunction to the phone line and they can't fix it UNTIL MONDAY!!!!!

So here I am at an internet cafe trying to tell my customers not to worry if they don't hear from me because you know.. I HAVE NO SERVICE!!!! :(
I am SO upset because we changed ISPs because this was supposed to be a RELIABLE one. I am so disappointed!!

So please bear with me until I get this sorted. I won't leave you hanging. I intend to come to the internet cafe or go to my brother's house to check e-mail once daily until we get service restored.
I thank you in advance for your patience.
I WILL get back you, but it might not be on the same day!
I will keep you updated (and keep your fingers crossed this internet cafe PC doesn't have some program that steals passwords! Yikes!!)


Natalie Scholl said...

I'm sorry to hear about your internet/phone Tina! I do hope they get it up and running for you on Monday. What did we ever do before internet!? :)

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