Monday, May 03, 2010

If the world is falling down around your ears...

... and it certainly feels like that after the government announced even harder financial rules... George's salary is now down to just 800 Euros a month... and 480 of that is what we pay for the loan we took to buy the apartment (which is not that bad as rent would be more and we wouldn't own the apartment).

I really feel the world is coming down around my ears... it doesn't look like we will afford private kindergarten for the boys right now :( Which is really hard because the public kindergarten gets off at 12.30... which means I can't work during the day which will create another set of problems of its own... and John is doing SO well in his new school. He has made such progress, how can I take him away from it?
I don't know what to do... God please give me clarity and guide my steps so that I do what is right and best for my kids and my family because right now, I just don't know... and I am scared and worried and I can't sleep at night and I can't find joy in anything... I find it hard to even lift my head at the moment and everything is coming crashing down on me... I feel so... alone.

But then, I see this: (click to enlarge)

... and somehow, when they are around I am less scared and less worried and happier and certainly not alone.


christine said...

I will pray hard for things to get better for you and your family Tina...

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