Saturday, January 29, 2011

On the topics of sharing...

..germs that is.
My boys decided they would share with mommy whatever germs caused their ailment this past week so today I woke up thinking I was surely ran over by a bus while I slept...
OF COURSE (Murphy's Law!) by now THEY are better and we even have tickets to the Planetarium booked a week in advance, except they are super turbo charged and I need help putting my slippers on.

I guess taking "the baby" out in the snow yesterday did not harm the baby... I however don't seem to be in luck...yuuuuuuck, I feel yuck!!! (sniffle, snorted, drool...)
How on Earth do I drive them to the Planetarium? Oh the things we moms must do... really heavy duty job this mothering thing is...


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