Monday, March 28, 2011

Still sick and...

Ugh, today marks day 3 of being sick. We had a long weekend that started on the 24th March. They didn't have school because on the 25th is our National Holiday... Since the night of the 24th the boys were sick with a stomach bug (Cody) and his usual cough/snot/fever (John). Also George came down with the stomach bug and just laid in bed for 42 hrs leaving me alone with two sick kids, closed pharmacies and a ton of work to do... and then they all started getting better over the weekend...except now I GOT IT :(

I seriously can't move my feet.. I have a fever, full on stomach issues (you know, ICK!) and I can't take anything because, HELLO, stomach issues? Anything down comes back up...

It's time to pick up the (now well and chirpy) boys from school... I sent George. When I am standing up the world is spinning. Thank God for G's laptop, I am typing this from bed and the computer hurts my eyes :(
Sorry if you don't hear much from me today girls, but I am REALLY feeling yucky... I will try to check mail later tonight again in case something serious comes up but until then... I think I will just sleep... for 42 hrs!


Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...

feel better! xxx Morena

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