Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Thanksgiving is not a Greek holiday but I do wish it were because I love the meaning of it and the traditions that come with it... This week, with all my American friends and my family in the US, preparing to celebrate it, I keep thinking what I am most grateful for... So here goes:

I am grateful and humbled by my children and the chance I was given to raise them.
I am grateful that my dad got to not only become a grandfather but also to be a daily part of their lives for almost 6 years because I know most grandparents do not get the chance (and some that DO, simply toss it aside but let's not go there in this post shall we?)

I am grateful for my sculpting gift and the perplexing patience that I lack in general but have plenty of when I work.
I am grateful for all of YOU, my collectors because no matter how good one is, without YOU all of this would be meaningless in more than one ways. I am grateful for your patience when things do not work out for me, for your compassion, for loving what I create. YOU spur me on and I am priviledged to have known each and every one of you... I hope you stick around because, ladies, you will not believe the ideas I have flying in my head ;)

I am grateful because even though I do not have a rich life, even though I wish I had the money so that my kids would go to a better school, I wish our tiny apartment was a little larger, I wish our 20 year old junk car was newer.... I am GRATEFUL because I have a roof over my head, I have a car that (mostly) runs, I have some food in my fridge, my bank account is not zero and the boys love their school and it is not totally crappy for a public school... even if I never get a new car, or a better school and even if I grow old and die in this tiny hole of an apartment, I will still be Grateful and I will still share the little I do have with those that have less than I do. Even if it is not much...

What are you grateful for??


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