Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why H & M will be my doom!

I used to say I could NOT walk in "Jumbo" (something like Toys R' Us) and just leave with a bill under 100 Euros... I beat that!!! I went cold turkey ;) However... now I can't walk in H & M with a bill under 100 Euros!

But it's NOT my fault!!! I mean... they set a trap for me!!! First they made my son tear up his trousers at school today... then I made sure I had to be somewhere, right next to their store about 15 minutes after I picked up the boys... so with torn pants, I HAD to go to H & M and buy him a new pair... of course they made sure they were cheaper than Next which is right next to them...

And then.... then.... they had long sleeved t-shirts for the boys with Mario heroes on them... OF COURSE we could NOT, not get them... Then they made sure, I went right past the baby isle in which they had ALL my favorites.

Pink and brown ladies, PINK AND BROWN.... (terrible pics) And not only that...

BALLET SHOES... in the tiniest, tiniest size...

I went in fully intending to buy a 10 Euro pair of pants... I walked out with several items totalling 90 Euros... I am scr!wed. On the other hand... I DARE you resist pink and brown cross over onesies with the CUTEST squirrel on them... Or knit, STRIPPED, pink and brown footies with a HOOD... or the tiniest softest ballet shoes. No seriously, I DARE YOU!!!!!!


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