Friday, November 25, 2011

What I want for Christmas...

Here is my list of what I would like for Christmas:

1. Another 24hrs with my dad... I will settle for 10 more minutes though.

2. My marriage to work out.

3. A sprinkle of good luck and things to go MY way for a change.

Ok so since these are a little far-off here is a list of tanglible things:

1. I would like for my energy to pick up, my nerves to settle so that I can provide a wonderful Christmas for my boys!

2. I would like to be able to get away with hubby, sans kids, for a couple of days so we can relax and look into the future because this wait and see, is killing me!

3. I would like for hubby to surprise me just once and get me flowers and candy and maybe a night out HE orcherstrated on my birthday (4th January)

4. I would love it if there was ONE present for ME under the tree this year. I always get presents for everyone including the boys' teachers each year but only my best friend gets me something. I get no presents for my birthday either :( and it's ok. I am a big girl... but once in a while, even if it is only a card or a candy bar with a bow, I would love to get something...

Because of all those reasons, family, do not be surprised if I use the money I saved up to buy ME a new camera this Christmas... thank you for understanding ;) ;)
I promise to get all of you socks this year... after all, you've earned it (and I am not talking about my kids obviously lol)

Oh and just in case I do find the energy to host a dinner this year too, please do not gobble down the food and disappear like you did last year. It was very offensive and as it turned out it WAS my dad's last Christmas on this Earth. And you may have not appreciated all my hard work, after all how could you, you ate so fast I have doubts if you even tasted the food, but it was a wonderful day for my dad and I will forever be grateful that despite your strong opposition, your negative opinions and the nasty things you said to me (dear hubby who shall remain nameless), I AM GLAD I PUT MY FOOT DOWN AND DID IT!!!! so there...

Yeah, I am pissed and moody today.. tomorrow is my dad's 3rd month of his passing... I miss you daddy!


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