Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Easy Birth of Baby Owen

Every baby I sculpt is a labor... a hard one, filled with (finger and joint) ache and pain and agony and sweet moments when I fall in love with the little face in front of me and of hard moments when I want to smash it against a wall because the clay is not obeying my commands.

But every once in a while, quite rarely there is this one baby that is brought into this world with little effort. And one of these babies, is Owen.
I wasn't supposed to be making him at all... but then he came, on his own terms, he jumped out of my bar of clay and there he was, this little face right before me... and I didn't have the heart to smoosh him back in to sculpt my ordered baby...
And as silently as he came, he crept into my heart and became my favorite little micro preemie of all time...

He was born early at 27 weeks and measures about 12" long. His head is around 10" around and he weighs 1lbs 8oz.
He has black hair and he is soooo cute!!!
He is still in the "NICU" of course, for being so early but he is doing well. He needs a little help to breathe but otherwise he is good and will be looking for a new mommy soon on eBay.

I also made him some cool outfits ;) Enjoy his NICU pics...
It was night time when I took them... nice and quiet and he was resting comfortably. Even caught one while he was doing his phototherapy!!


Owen in NICU 1
Owen in NICU 2
Owen in NICU 3
Owen in NICU 4
Owen in NICU 5
Owen in NICU 6
Owen in NICU 7
Owen in NICU 8
Owen in NICU 9
Owen in NICU 10


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