Monday, January 14, 2008

Long time no see!!

Hi my friends!
Ugh I haven't updated in a while, haven't I?
I had the doll show in the UK and the class to teach in November so I was in full throttle for that. Those went well :)
After that I was simply exhausted and needed a break... but I still had a ton of work to do so I couldn't take a break. I felt like a car with two of its tires punctured... I stumbled along as best I could.
Then the holiday season came and my nanny took a break. My hudband took a break... I didn't. But I SO needed one. The boys flipped a switch and entered the terrible two's full throttle and my routine was shot to H$ll :)
No napping, wild bed times, they started getting out of bed... tantrums gallore.. you name it.
Bottom line? Couldn't put in an hour of work during the holidays.

Now nanny is back and I am desperately trying to get back on track and catch up with work and I'd better soon because those dolls need finishing and fast!
So here are some photos of the dolls I have done since the last time I updated :)
All of these have been sold but enjoy their pics anyway!
This is my little Ball Jointed Girl, Padoa. I am having her reproduced in resin:

Then we have An XinXin (newborn life size):

Then we have "Ready to be Born" (8"):

Rodney (8"):

Ben (5"):

Princess Sasuki (Ball Jointed BJD 8"):

Well, apparently I have done more dolls than these but I think that's enough photos for now! I will post more later!


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