Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Little Wonder... again

I am sitting here and my Little Wonder OOAK is lying next to me as I read through my mail. I can't help but bond with her even though it wasn't love at first sight while I was sculpting her to be honest.
Her wig is off so she is a little baldy and she is lying on a soft flannel pink blanket. Last night I put her wrist band on... Little Wonder it says, by Tina Kewy.
Her little arm is a little pudgy and full of wrinkles; her hand is in a loose fist with only her pinky finger not touching her palm.
I spent an hour invisibly closing little holes the resin could potentialy seep into during the moldmaking process but I am sure Barbara will find more and will seal them as well.
Now, don't freak out, I do not mean holes on the clay but little gaps where the fingers touch the palm :)

I love her little arm and hand... so detailed, so newborn wrinkly. Her legs are not here, I'd left them in my workshop and I am about to go there to work some more.
I also need to take photos of Nicole's baby. She has been waiting to patiently and I feel like an arse for taking so darn long but to my defense a lot of things have gone out of hand over here at the Kewy household so at least I can't feel guilty for NOT working.. because I haven't had a moment of peace... or sleep :)

Back to Little Wonder... I really love just how newborn she is. When I say newborn I mean just born... like... an hour ago. The term newborn actually applies to babies from birth to 30 days old but as we all know, at 30 days the baby looks less "newly born"... and like one dear friend and customer said: when I say newborn, I mean just born!

Her head is cone shaped and has a big skull. I worked that out by super imposing a photo of my sculpt onto the fetal skeleton model I have and kept working on my sculpt until it was a perfect match.
Her ears are delicate and low set, again I placed then according to the actual skull placement. She has small hands full of wrinkles and you feel she can only wrap one of your fingers in her palm, just like a real baby.
No buch in this sculpt at all. She is delicate, petite and fragile.
I am notorious for making big hands on my babies and then having to re-make them anew and save the first pair for a larger doll. But not this time. The head was hard and long to "birth" but the hands came effortlesly.
She is almost ready. Only one more arm to go and I can't decide on it. Will I do an open hand or a closed one? I am leaning towards open...

Her little legs are so cute and I especially love the feet. I love how the toes separate, my son does that even now. We call it his "fan toes" because he spreads them out like a little hand held fan.
It's going to be hard to send her away and then wait 6-8 weeks for her to come back but... it has to be done. It's the only way I can both share her with you and keep one for myself.

So cheer her on for me... this is so exciting!



Braelin's Mommy, Bren said...

Hi Tina ~
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